Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Restricted Love..............

As You Grow Wise A Point Comes In Life,
When Matters Of Heart; Cuts Like A Knife.

Love-The Acme Of Emotional Bliss Is Not Trusted To Be Real,
Instead Through Conjured Characters In Movies We Get It To Feel.

A Time When What Is Reckoned Has To Be Cerebral?
Drooped & Bruised We Brush Aside Anything That Is Visceral.

Giving & Accepting Love, Attention & Affection Becomes A Task So Tricky To Deal,
If Love Is Present It Is Dissected Even After Knowing It’s Dearth Will Make Our Life So Still.

Why Does A Time Come When All The Sappy Talks & Holding Of Hands Emerges So Trivial,
Get Up, Work & Sleep; Why Does Life Become A Pursuit To Obtain The Essential.

Is There Anything More Comforting Than Being Held In Someone’s Arms?
Then Why Do We Feel Love Will Make Us Weak & Cause Us Harm?

Why Do We Live Our Lives In Our Mind & Physically Merely Exist,
To Live The Life We Truly Desire With Our Mind Why Don’t We Resist?

Why Do We Deceive Our Heart Which Makes Us Aware That We Are Alive?
Unwillingly But Bit By Bit Lumber The Road On Which Our Desires Lay Belied.