Sunday, 30 December 2012

Doodle The Do’s & Dreams Of 2013!

There Is This One Thing Really Cool About Sales Job; No Matter How You Perform When The Quarter Ends It Sucks In Your Fail Or Pass Status; With The New Quarter You Get/Have To Prove Your Mettle Yet Again. (* Conditions Apply)

New Is Always Exciting & Full Of Hopes & Curiosity. What’s In For Me?

Tonight At The Stroke Of Midnight Our Counters Would Be Reset To Zero. The Chapters Of 2012 Chronicling Our Triumphs & Tribulations Will Be Wiped From Our Respective Diaries & It Will All Set To Begin Again From Where It Stopped A Moment Ago. Before We Return Back To The Salt Mines To Commence Our Very Standard Life, Today We Sit To Ponder Over The Flashback Of ‘2012’ & Get Up With The Realization That Good Was Good But Bad Wasn’t That Bad.

Tomorrow We Will Experience The Feeling Of Being In ‘Alpha-State’, Mind In 2012 & Body In 2013 With A Heavy Baggage Of Reminisce & Resolutions. Some Broken Dreams Will Need To Be Mended Or Amended & The Soothsayer Talk That Went Completely Awry Will Need To Be Digested & Laughed. Hope & Patience Will Be Protracted Till The Stars Align With Our Dreams.

Nothing Has Changed But The Number Transition From 12 To 13 On The Score Card Of 21st Century; One Will Still Experience A New Sun Rise, A Feeling Of Waking Up On A New Day/Land & A New Lease Of Life. And We Would All Make Plans To Handle This New Year With Kid Gloves Like One Does On The Purchase Of New Cell- Phone Or A Car. “I Will Guard It. I Will Take Good Care Of It. I Will Make No Mistakes And Keep It Away From Scratch & Falls/Dents.”But No Matter What We Do The Inevitable Will Happen.  

As Your Inbox & Ears Get Inundated With New Year’s Best Wishes & Your Mind Goes Back To Last Year Same Time. You Will Smile.

“Good Will Surely Happen To Us All, But If Good Will Go Up It Will Also Come Down. Bad Is Not A Big Deal Either. Look Out For The Signs, You Will See A Greater Good!”

 HUA-Heard, Understood, Acknowledged!!!

Happy New Year People……. It’s Time To Doodle The Do’s & Dreams Of 2013. They Say What You Write Sees The Daylight.