Friday, 17 August 2012


The ‘Cheer’ Drink Is Poured; 
The Mind Is Tamed & Cheated; It Is Put To Bed!
The Heart Is Alive Like Never Before, It Is Functioning Full Throttle At The Behest Of Music & Lyrics.  It Is Childlike; With No Inhibition & No Fear.

Jagjit Singh Is Singing, “Sarakti Jaaye Hai Ruqkh Se Naqab Aahista Aahista…………………” 

Glorifying The Miseries & Debacles Of Heart! The Failures Of Past Have Metamorphosed Into Accomplishments. One & All Are Celebrating Love, Hurt, Pain & Betrayal.

‘Woh Bedardi Se Sar Kaate ‘Ameer’ Aur Mein Kahun Unse………..Huzoor Aashista, Aahista………….”

The Heart Is Laying It All Bare. The Skeleton Of Unsung Emotions Is Out Of The Closet.
The Soul Souflle!!!!!

Janab Aashista...........Aahista!!!


Friday, 10 August 2012

Faith Is Contagious…

Faith Is Contagious…

 I Am Standing In A Human Jam; Sub-Consciously Blocking Every Other Sense & Sight As I Look In The Eyes Of ‘Krishna’.

It’s His Birthday & Fervor Has Gathered From All Walks Of Life To Celebrate & Congratulate ‘The God’; To Pray, To Ask For Forgiveness & To Show Gratitude For All Their Born Days.

In This Pristine Ambience Which Is Reverberating With Faith & Amidst The Mumble Of Prayers & Loud Chants Every Single Soul Has Elevated Itself From Its Flesh-y Dwelling; Away From The Chattering & Forceful Crowd; To Concentrate, To Convey & To Get Occupied In A Blissfully Intimate Conversation With God On His Special Day.

What A Divine Sensation!!! The Fragrance Of Hundreds Of Incense Sticks, The Sight Of Besotted Devotees, Bedecked God & ‘Diyas’; The Comforting To Ears Sanskrit Hymns.

Everything Present Is Radiating ‘Belief’ & Is Permeating It Deeper Into All Present. The Temple Has Become A ‘Cauldron Of Faith’.

You Can Almost Feel The Presence Of Congregated Faith. And Such Is The Power Of Passion & Conviction That If The Numerous Minds/Souls Present Conceived One Wish It Would Be Granted Invariably.

If The Twin Brothers ‘Focus & Faith’ Knock The Door Of Future, You Ought To Be Greeted By The Fruit You Desired.

As I Give A Last Glance To The God To Make Room For The Left-Waiting, His Effervescent Smile Does The Job Of Bringing A Sense Of Calmness To My Foggy Mind.

 It Says, “All Is Well”.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Some Songs Make You Lose The Equilibrium Of Your Mind.

Hallucinating ‘I Am In Love’ & That ‘Someone Is In Love With Me’. The Destination Is Reached, My Car’s Engine Is Waiting To Be Stopped; But I Am Not Present In The Car To Do The Needful. I Am Flying In My Imagination, Smiling, My Dreamy Eyes Are Fixed On A Chimera, Feeling ‘Beautiful’ Assuming The Singer-He Is Singing It For Me, Feeling Lighter On Peeling Off The Appearances I Keep & Being Just Me- Unalloyed & Pure, Feeling The Blissful Tickle Of A Rare Feeling- Unison Of A Happy Heart & A Happy Mind; Both Cooperating & Reciprocating To Each Other As If They Have Just Met After A Long Painful Struggle & Have Just Come To Life.

‘A Surge Of Adrenaline Until My Eyes Brim Up With Emotions…….’

Love Lullaby….

“Some Songs Make You Lose The Equilibrium Of Your Mind. But Isn’t It All Right?
 After All We Are All Humans…. We Can Be Dotty Sometimes”

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

‘I Am Ok You Are Not Ok’ High.

Unless Asked, Does Sharing Imply Seeking Feedback Or A Plan Of Action?

Is It Possible To Be On The Right Side Of Emotions All The Time?

Isn’t Sharing Only A Means To Vent When You Get Too Tired Of Talking To Self?

Why Do People Bombard Their Judgment On Us Or On Our Situation, Blabber Special Comments, Give Mindboggling Examples, Impose Acute Advice, Sing Motivational Sermons, Talk The Obvious, Do Our Character Digging & End-Up Using Our Plight As An Opportunity To Go On An Ego Trip When You Say ‘I Am Not Fine?’


I Didn’t Mean Lend Me Your YEARS (Of Experience), I Meant E For Ears (Listening) !!!

No Wonder No Matter What The Situation Is, Everybody Says ‘I Am Fine.’

Keep Stocking Not Talking To Avoid Giving Your ‘Listener’ Sorry Your ‘Analyzer’ ‘I Am Ok You Are Not Ok’ High.