Saturday, 18 February 2012

I Am An Atheist!

  • I Am An Atheist,
    But I Do Believe That God Resides In Me!

    If I Want Something,
    I Rather Ask Me.
    If My Life Is Going Awry,
    I Rather Have Faith In Me!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Driving On A Highway, So Similar To Life’s Way!!

Driving On A Highway, 
So Similar To Life’s Way,
You Start The Engine With Destination In Mind, 
With No Aim In Life, Anything You Will Find!
It Could Be Good Or Bad, Maybe Best Or Worst, 
So It’s Advisable To Ensure You Set Your Goals First!

Then You Embark On Your Journey All Pumped Up & Enthused, 
With Friends Or Family Around & Not As A Recluse,
So Is Life, You Can’t Chart Alone, 
You Need Somebody By Your  Side To Comfort You & Hone!

Now On The Way You Get Weary & Beat, 
But With Destination In Mind There Is No Question Of Retreat,
In Life We Have Many Days When Our Mind Says, “What The Shit?”
But Life Is So Beautiful, Who Wants To QUIT!

On The Journey You May Get Lost & Meander For Some Time, 
Stop-Ask-Seek Rather Than Whine,
Life Will Test You, Confront You, Beat You So Hard That You Must Rest, 
Stop-Ask-Seek & Bring Out The Best!

The Mirror Will Show You The Things That Are Gone, 
More Beautiful & Cheered Than While They Were On,
Like Our Bygone Days, No Matter Sweet Or Sour, 
We Always Cherish Them Irrespective In The Chronicles Of Our!

On The Road, You Will Find Men & Machines That Met A Disaster,
Just Like When Life Gets Ugly With Our Acquaintance Around & Leaves Us To Wonder!

Some Roads Are Smooth & Some Are Bumpy, But Highway Is Generally A Straight Road Unless With Wrong Turns You Get Perplex,
Life Is Simple Even With Its Ups & Downs Unless With Wrong Expectations You Make It Complex!

It All Begins With A Goal In Mind & Ends Where You Arrive………….Where You Land
Destination Good Or Bad Ultimately It All Rests In Your Hands!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Keep Loving Anyway!!!

  • Then, Love Said “Let’s Elope! I Want To Die With You.”
    Now, Love Says “Let’s Wait! I Want To Be Sure About You.”

    “I Had A Makeover”, Says Cupid,
    “Love & All Is Cool, But Don’t Be Stupid”
    Gone Are The Days, When ‘Tann, Mann & Dhann’ One Would Give-In,
    Now Is The Era Of Convenient Live-In.

    Yes……….It’s 14th Feb & Love Is In The Air, But Single Ones Don’t Be Despair,
    Cause Erstwhile Love For Many Is A Nightmare.

    Cheers To The New & Improved Love………….The Pragmatic Love.
    Happy Valentine’s Day To All!

    Keep Loving Anyway!!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

We All Have A Story To Tell!

You Have Arundhati Roy, Amitav Ghosh  & Their Alike & Then You Have Chetan Bhagat & His Offspring(Who Write India’s #1 Bestseller). She, He & They ….All Are Great, Good Or Grouse Depending  Upon The Mind Which Scans The Book.  Mr. Bhagat’s Writing Still Hovers Around Gals & Guy, College & Marriage.  His Books May Have Made Sense To You 5 Years Ago But They May Now Sound Redundant As He Still Caters To Young Audience. Nonetheless, Let’s Appreciate The Fact That He Has A Story To Tell. Having Said That & Reading Quite A Many Books. As You Finish A Book, You Realize That Emotions Are The Same; Also The Facts Are More Or Less Known. So It All Boils Down To…..Few Write & Majority Don’t. We All Have A Story To Tell. Romantic, Adventurous, Inspiring, Hilarious………….Or Could Be A Worthwhile Experience Of Living Through A Fact That Permeates Tens And Thousands Of People. It’s Just A Matter Of Putting It In Black & White & Broadcasting It.

We All Have A Story To Tell. I Have A Story To Tell. Alas!! If Only I Had Been Carrying A Pen & A Journal Along With My Lipsticks....... For Starters I Would Have Written India’s # 1 Bestseller!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Set A Theif ... To Catch A Theif!!!

They Say If You Want To Catch A Thief, Then Set A Theif To Do The Job. Likewise Misfortune, Gloom & Negativity Can Only Overcome Perse. Taking Advise From A Highflier When You Are Downtrodden Is Like Trying To Make Sense Out Of An Off The Tangent Talk. One Is Free Flowing On Cloud # 9 & Other Is Suffocating Down Under The Doldrums. The Result Of Such Conversation Would Only Be Cacophony Of Sympathy & Sermons. Instead Try Talking With Someone Around You...Someone On The Same Page. Someone Undergoing Similar Hardship, Stress & Commotion. You Will Not Feel Alone. In Fact In Many Ways You Will Feel You Are Doing Better. You Will Get A Feeling Of EMPATHY & Camaraderie. But Most Of All You Will Realize, That Shit Happens And It Happens With All.

What Goes Up..... Comes Down. One Day Those On Cloud 9 Will Make Way For You As They Descend To Take Your Place. It's A Vicious Circle...It Will Go On!

So Next Time Before You Lend Someone's Shoulder To Cry On & An Ear To Share.....Pick, Keeping The End In Mind! Do You Want Sympathy Or Empathy?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sometimes Reading Fiction Is Like Eavesdropping Into Someone’s Life.

Sometimes Reading Fiction Is Like Eavesdropping Into Someone’s Life.

With No Gyan To Gain, No Philosophy To Follow, No Facts To Cram….No Catchy Dialogues/Phrases To Underline & Put To Use.

Many A Times You Don’t Know Why These Books Keep You Glued?

While It’s Easy To Leave A Movie Halfway, When It Comes To Books It Is Rather Difficult. Perhaps Because The Words May Not Be Yours But You Direct The Story With Your Imagination.

There Is A Very Thin Line Between Love & Lust.

One Sit Read............The Bridges Of Madison County!!
Considering The Book Is A Best Seller & None Other Than Clint Eastwood Made An Even More Successful Film Out Of It. It Muddles Me Up!! 

Two People On The Brink Of Mid-Life Crisis. One Is A Wanderer & Other Is A Farm Wife. The Former Is A Loner & Latter Is Living A Lust Less Life. They Meet One Summer Afternoon. Sparks Flew, Eyes Meet On A Cup Of An Ice Tea. What Follows Is 4 Days Of Togetherness. 1 Day Of Acquaintance With Constant Peering Eyes & 3 Days Of Blissful Intimacy. Leaving Them Both With 2 Decades Of Day Dreaming Of Bygone Days!!!

Was This Love Or Lust?

There Is A Very Thin Line Between Love & Lust. There Is An Intersection & Sometimes Even Confusion. One Can Easily & Conveniently Misconstrue One For Another. But Love Overlaps With Responsibility As Well.  There Is No Confusion Here They Are Almost Synonyms. 

The Lady Protagonist Chooses Her Family Over Fling & Weeps Silently For 22 Years On What I Call A Seeming Love Of 4 Days, 1 Day Of Acquaintance & 3 Days Of Blissful Intimacy.