Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ishaqzaade: Don't We All Want To Be Ishaqzaade?

It’s A New Day. The Little Sleep Of Last Night Has Not Done A Proper Job. It Should Have Cleared The Clutter Of Yesterday But I Am Having A ‘Hangover’. The Images Of ‘Ishaqzaade’ Are Still Lingering In My Thoughts, The Music Continues To Vibrate In My Nerves & Pareeniti’s Performance That Came Out From Every Molecule Of Her Body Keeps Flashing In My Mind.

Don’t We All Want To Be ‘Ishaqzaade’?
Silently, Secretly …Deep Down Inside ‘Live & Die For Love’. The Only Emotion That Gives You The Feeling Of Being Alive & Undoes The Fear Of Death.

Isn’t It The Heart That Lives & Dies And Not The Mind?
Then Why Does Mind Matter More Than The Heart?
Perhaps, Cause Mind Has Got A Strategic Location In Our Body.
It Sits On The Top! And The Boss Is Always Right!!

The Movie Is So Beautifully Garnished With The Language Of Music.
I Wish In Real Life Too We Would Have Such Suitable Music Playing In Backdrop.
Life Would Be So Much More Dramatic, Motivating & Easy To Deal.
If I Am Sad, Music That Helps Me Cry.
If I Am Happy, Music That Accentuates & Spreads The Joy.
If I Am Beat, Music That Alleviates My Spirits.

With Nothing That I Can Possibly Change, I Am Happy Screaming Along With The Singers These Magical Words ‘Mein Pareshan Pareshan…Pareshan’ & ‘Ishaqzaade’. It Lets Me Vent Out Some Of The Unsung Emotions Of My Heart, & Here Goes The Mind. It Interrupts, “Neelam, It’s Time To Upgrade Your Music System”.

Boss Ne Bola, Ab Karna Padega….. :-)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Summer Of 2012 In Ahmedabad !

Come & Experience The Authentic Summer In The City Of Ahmedabad. The Sauna Belt Of India.

Sweat, Honking, Irritation, Burning Effect, 24 Hrs Hot Running Water, Scorched Skin, Hot Breeze, Frequent Pedicure & Homesickness ….All This With No Power Cuts Guaranteed.

We Recommend Before Arriving You Learn How To Play The Game Of ‘Sun & Shade’( Run/Walk As Fast As You Can On Finding Shade) & Also Get Your Body Acclimatized With An Abrupt Dip(20 Degrees) & Increase(43 Degrees) In The Temperature.

When The Sun Will Scorch You Up We Ahmedabadis Will Offer You Colorful, Sweet & Sour Ice Balls & Ice Laden Masala Butter Milk That Will Run A Chill Down Your Mind & Body.

The Sight Of Gulmohar & Garmalo Trees Bathing In The Afternoon Sun Would Delight Your Otherwise Smoldering Eyes. The Only 2 Green Living Species Appearing To Be Happy On The Smoky Roads Of Gujarat.

Should You Decide To Travel In Your Own Car, We Would Want To Inform You That The Sun Maybe The Brightest In This Part Of India But Our Rules & Regulations Do Not Permit Dark Films On The Windows Of Your Vehicle.

Dark Windows Suggests Dark Acts. Please Bear The Heat With Us, This Is A Dry State & All Women Here Are Our ‘Ben’.

We Also Want To Warn You That Sometimes The Heat Will Put Love For Your Automobile On Test. Either It Is You Who Walks Down On A Sunny(Negative) Road So That Your Car Is Parked Under The Shade Or It Would Be Vice Versa.

Choice Is Entirely Yours, You Burn Now Or You Burn Later !

Otherwise, If You Decide To Experience The City In It’s Raw Form Through The Eye Of An Auto Rickshaw. You Will End Up Saluting The Spirit, Diligence & Tolerance Of Our Auto Rickshaw Drivers.

Their Eyes Which Have Grown Red, Old & Wrinkled More So Due To The Sun; Functions As Their Biography.

People Who Are Sick Of Traffic Jams & Long Commuting Hours..... You Are Invited Here To Witness How An Empty Road Looks Like. This Especially On A Sunday Afternoon.

Few Facts About My City, The Honking In Ahmedabad Is Directly Proportional To The Temperature In The City. When The Sun Soars The Level Of Decibels Also Goes Up. Especially The Noise Of ‘Peep Peep’-Courtesy Bajaj Scooter. It Sounds Like The Person Is Giving You Raw Desi Swear & Asking You To Get Out Of His Way. So Don’t Feel Bad- We Display Our Temperament While We Drive. That’s How We Really Are.

If You Feel Like ‘I Am The Chosen One & That Life Has Not Given Me Enough’. If  There Is A Sense Of Inferiority And That Of Being Less Blessed Compared To Your Colleagues Or Friends Please Have A Look At The One’s Who Commute On Two Wheeler's Here In Ahmedabad. At The Temperate Of 43 Degrees & Still Rising It Is Nothing Less Than A 3rd Degree Torture - They Look Like -The Children Of Lesser Gods-The People From Third World Countries-The Citizens Of Developing Nations. 

We Guarantee; You Will Regain Your Self Esteem & Confidence.

Though Our Weather Is Ideal For Hard Drinks. We Regret To Inform You That ‘It Is Not Permitted Here’-OFFICIALLY. People Of Other States May Discount ‘Beer’ As A Hard Drink But That Is Not The Case Here. We Are Different. Any Percentage Of Alcohol Contaminates The Purity Of Liquid & Changes It’s Type.
So Even If The Heat Here Makes You To Desire Soaking Your Face In A Pitcher Of Beer Let Alone Drink It.

Let Me Reiterate We STRICTLY Do Not Permit Use & Consumption Of Hard Drinks.

But………..You Are Welcome!!!

We Promise You That You Will Remember Every Bit Of ‘Summer Of  2012’  Just Like You Remember Every Word & Beat Of Bryan Adam’s ‘Summer Of 69’.