Sunday, 30 December 2012

Doodle The Do’s & Dreams Of 2013!

There Is This One Thing Really Cool About Sales Job; No Matter How You Perform When The Quarter Ends It Sucks In Your Fail Or Pass Status; With The New Quarter You Get/Have To Prove Your Mettle Yet Again. (* Conditions Apply)

New Is Always Exciting & Full Of Hopes & Curiosity. What’s In For Me?

Tonight At The Stroke Of Midnight Our Counters Would Be Reset To Zero. The Chapters Of 2012 Chronicling Our Triumphs & Tribulations Will Be Wiped From Our Respective Diaries & It Will All Set To Begin Again From Where It Stopped A Moment Ago. Before We Return Back To The Salt Mines To Commence Our Very Standard Life, Today We Sit To Ponder Over The Flashback Of ‘2012’ & Get Up With The Realization That Good Was Good But Bad Wasn’t That Bad.

Tomorrow We Will Experience The Feeling Of Being In ‘Alpha-State’, Mind In 2012 & Body In 2013 With A Heavy Baggage Of Reminisce & Resolutions. Some Broken Dreams Will Need To Be Mended Or Amended & The Soothsayer Talk That Went Completely Awry Will Need To Be Digested & Laughed. Hope & Patience Will Be Protracted Till The Stars Align With Our Dreams.

Nothing Has Changed But The Number Transition From 12 To 13 On The Score Card Of 21st Century; One Will Still Experience A New Sun Rise, A Feeling Of Waking Up On A New Day/Land & A New Lease Of Life. And We Would All Make Plans To Handle This New Year With Kid Gloves Like One Does On The Purchase Of New Cell- Phone Or A Car. “I Will Guard It. I Will Take Good Care Of It. I Will Make No Mistakes And Keep It Away From Scratch & Falls/Dents.”But No Matter What We Do The Inevitable Will Happen.  

As Your Inbox & Ears Get Inundated With New Year’s Best Wishes & Your Mind Goes Back To Last Year Same Time. You Will Smile.

“Good Will Surely Happen To Us All, But If Good Will Go Up It Will Also Come Down. Bad Is Not A Big Deal Either. Look Out For The Signs, You Will See A Greater Good!”

 HUA-Heard, Understood, Acknowledged!!!

Happy New Year People……. It’s Time To Doodle The Do’s & Dreams Of 2013. They Say What You Write Sees The Daylight.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Restricted Love..............

As You Grow Wise A Point Comes In Life,
When Matters Of Heart; Cuts Like A Knife.

Love-The Acme Of Emotional Bliss Is Not Trusted To Be Real,
Instead Through Conjured Characters In Movies We Get It To Feel.

A Time When What Is Reckoned Has To Be Cerebral?
Drooped & Bruised We Brush Aside Anything That Is Visceral.

Giving & Accepting Love, Attention & Affection Becomes A Task So Tricky To Deal,
If Love Is Present It Is Dissected Even After Knowing It’s Dearth Will Make Our Life So Still.

Why Does A Time Come When All The Sappy Talks & Holding Of Hands Emerges So Trivial,
Get Up, Work & Sleep; Why Does Life Become A Pursuit To Obtain The Essential.

Is There Anything More Comforting Than Being Held In Someone’s Arms?
Then Why Do We Feel Love Will Make Us Weak & Cause Us Harm?

Why Do We Live Our Lives In Our Mind & Physically Merely Exist,
To Live The Life We Truly Desire With Our Mind Why Don’t We Resist?

Why Do We Deceive Our Heart Which Makes Us Aware That We Are Alive?
Unwillingly But Bit By Bit Lumber The Road On Which Our Desires Lay Belied.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Looked Like A Relaxed Corpse In The Coffin!

I Looked Like A Relaxed Corpse In The Coffin. With A Surrendered & Satiated Smile. Eyes Closed, Body Stick-Straight & Hands Humbly Folded In The Anticipation Of Pleasure & Peace. The Curtain Was Drawn, The Lights Made Dim & The Noise Of Beauty-Business Chore Suddenly Diminished As The Door Went Shut. A Bandana Fastened & Re-Fastened My Fluffy Curls With A Silent Instruction ‘Do Not Disturb’.


 Foreplay Of Fingers On My Face. Her Ladies Fingers Got Wheels With Four Lumps Of Aromatic Mixed Fruit Cream; Landing Equi-Distance North-East-West-South. Her Fingers Skated Slowly Around My Eyes & Re-Defined My Nose Line; They Lost Balance Around The Cheeks & Went Round & Round Regaining The Equilibrium Only At My Chin To Redo The Whole Thing Again.

Mission Accomplished: Every Molecule Of My Face ACTIVATED.

She Drew Some Imaginary Lines On My Forehead To Pace Down The Processing Of My Mind; Gradually Bringing Down The Chatter Of My Mind To A Complete Halt. Then Just Like An Athlete Who Warms Up Before His Game She Flexed The Modest Flesh Of My Face In Preparation Of What Followed.

Mummification Of The Dwindling Youthfulness Of My Weary-Teary Face.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

We Are Immortal. We Will Always Be Together!!!

How Does This Sound?

We Are Immortal. We Will Always Be Together.

Damn!! Karwachauth Works!!

Does This Sound Reassuring? Decrease Even By An Iota The ‘Fear Of Death’?

Yes, The Story Of ‘Karma’ Is True. “ You Carry On Burden Of Debts From One Life To Another. With Each Life That You Go Through & You Didn’t Fulfill These Debts The Next One Will Be Harder. If You Fulfill Them You Will Be Given An Easy Life.”

I Am Perplexed…..

# 1 To Digest The Talking With Spirits Story; One Who Belong To “The Space Between Lives” Requires You To Believe In God. To Which I May Surrender After Eventually Reading Some More God Material & Some Strong Coaxing From Believers. But The Whole Appearance Of The Spirits, The Timing Of Their Arrival In The Story, The Ambience, The Husky.. Hoarse Voice & The White Clothes Is So Familiar, Flimsy & Filmy. It Kills The Credibility Of The Book (1.5 Million Copies Sold ) Named ‘ Many Lives Many Masters’

Dr Brian Weiss Claims, ‘The Book Is Based On A True Event’

Well………I Am A Little Disappointed DOCTOR, For Starters I Am Expecting ‘Nirvana’ Like A Salvation Sort Of. Secondly If I Am Not Good Enough To Permanently Become A ‘Free Spirit’ Or Whatever That Is Who Is Never Born Again. I So Strongly Wish To Have Change Of Country/Continent & Change Of Faces Around Me. (No Offence, But Different Is Good). It Will Keep Me Going Considering This New Learnt Fact “You Never Die”. And If I Am Lucky Enough Like The ‘Subject’ Of Yours In This Book & I Am Being Hypnotized In One Of My Many Lives; It Would Be Good To Learn I Have ‘Been’ NO ‘I Have Lived’ Around The World. You See I Love Travelling. A Lot…A  LOT…A LOT.

But What I Liked About Your Finding Is That “Humans Will Remain Humans”. We May Change The Gender Or Our Profession But We Would Bear Similar Face & As You Say Carry On Our Abilities(Bad For Those Who Don’t Have Many- HOPE Dashed) Along With Our Debts(Karma) Into The New Life.

Phewwww……….. No More Fear Of Transforming Into A Cockroach Or A Lizard In The Next Life. This Is One Consistent Thing I Say Is Good.

And That Is Reassuring Derivation!  

Friday, 17 August 2012


The ‘Cheer’ Drink Is Poured; 
The Mind Is Tamed & Cheated; It Is Put To Bed!
The Heart Is Alive Like Never Before, It Is Functioning Full Throttle At The Behest Of Music & Lyrics.  It Is Childlike; With No Inhibition & No Fear.

Jagjit Singh Is Singing, “Sarakti Jaaye Hai Ruqkh Se Naqab Aahista Aahista…………………” 

Glorifying The Miseries & Debacles Of Heart! The Failures Of Past Have Metamorphosed Into Accomplishments. One & All Are Celebrating Love, Hurt, Pain & Betrayal.

‘Woh Bedardi Se Sar Kaate ‘Ameer’ Aur Mein Kahun Unse………..Huzoor Aashista, Aahista………….”

The Heart Is Laying It All Bare. The Skeleton Of Unsung Emotions Is Out Of The Closet.
The Soul Souflle!!!!!

Janab Aashista...........Aahista!!!


Friday, 10 August 2012

Faith Is Contagious…

Faith Is Contagious…

 I Am Standing In A Human Jam; Sub-Consciously Blocking Every Other Sense & Sight As I Look In The Eyes Of ‘Krishna’.

It’s His Birthday & Fervor Has Gathered From All Walks Of Life To Celebrate & Congratulate ‘The God’; To Pray, To Ask For Forgiveness & To Show Gratitude For All Their Born Days.

In This Pristine Ambience Which Is Reverberating With Faith & Amidst The Mumble Of Prayers & Loud Chants Every Single Soul Has Elevated Itself From Its Flesh-y Dwelling; Away From The Chattering & Forceful Crowd; To Concentrate, To Convey & To Get Occupied In A Blissfully Intimate Conversation With God On His Special Day.

What A Divine Sensation!!! The Fragrance Of Hundreds Of Incense Sticks, The Sight Of Besotted Devotees, Bedecked God & ‘Diyas’; The Comforting To Ears Sanskrit Hymns.

Everything Present Is Radiating ‘Belief’ & Is Permeating It Deeper Into All Present. The Temple Has Become A ‘Cauldron Of Faith’.

You Can Almost Feel The Presence Of Congregated Faith. And Such Is The Power Of Passion & Conviction That If The Numerous Minds/Souls Present Conceived One Wish It Would Be Granted Invariably.

If The Twin Brothers ‘Focus & Faith’ Knock The Door Of Future, You Ought To Be Greeted By The Fruit You Desired.

As I Give A Last Glance To The God To Make Room For The Left-Waiting, His Effervescent Smile Does The Job Of Bringing A Sense Of Calmness To My Foggy Mind.

 It Says, “All Is Well”.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Some Songs Make You Lose The Equilibrium Of Your Mind.

Hallucinating ‘I Am In Love’ & That ‘Someone Is In Love With Me’. The Destination Is Reached, My Car’s Engine Is Waiting To Be Stopped; But I Am Not Present In The Car To Do The Needful. I Am Flying In My Imagination, Smiling, My Dreamy Eyes Are Fixed On A Chimera, Feeling ‘Beautiful’ Assuming The Singer-He Is Singing It For Me, Feeling Lighter On Peeling Off The Appearances I Keep & Being Just Me- Unalloyed & Pure, Feeling The Blissful Tickle Of A Rare Feeling- Unison Of A Happy Heart & A Happy Mind; Both Cooperating & Reciprocating To Each Other As If They Have Just Met After A Long Painful Struggle & Have Just Come To Life.

‘A Surge Of Adrenaline Until My Eyes Brim Up With Emotions…….’

Love Lullaby….

“Some Songs Make You Lose The Equilibrium Of Your Mind. But Isn’t It All Right?
 After All We Are All Humans…. We Can Be Dotty Sometimes”

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

‘I Am Ok You Are Not Ok’ High.

Unless Asked, Does Sharing Imply Seeking Feedback Or A Plan Of Action?

Is It Possible To Be On The Right Side Of Emotions All The Time?

Isn’t Sharing Only A Means To Vent When You Get Too Tired Of Talking To Self?

Why Do People Bombard Their Judgment On Us Or On Our Situation, Blabber Special Comments, Give Mindboggling Examples, Impose Acute Advice, Sing Motivational Sermons, Talk The Obvious, Do Our Character Digging & End-Up Using Our Plight As An Opportunity To Go On An Ego Trip When You Say ‘I Am Not Fine?’


I Didn’t Mean Lend Me Your YEARS (Of Experience), I Meant E For Ears (Listening) !!!

No Wonder No Matter What The Situation Is, Everybody Says ‘I Am Fine.’

Keep Stocking Not Talking To Avoid Giving Your ‘Listener’ Sorry Your ‘Analyzer’ ‘I Am Ok You Are Not Ok’ High.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Into Thin Air- "To The Base Camp & Back"

I Don’t Understand…..

Why Would One Want To Experience Breathing The Wispy Winds? Suffer From Amputating Frostbites, Feel Asphyxiated With Or Without An Oxygen Mask….

Why Would Someone Silently Permit His Own Body Eating Itself To Survive? Feel Groggy & Hallucinated In Mind Like A Slow Child….

Why Would Some One Want To Tempt His Or Her Own Death? Temper Its Ego, Irritate It, Annoy It & Challenge It To Play The Game Of ‘Who Prevails In The End’?

Why Would Someone Want To Leave The Warmth Of His Bed & All The Loved Ones Behind At Sea Level To Embark On An Expedition To Surge An Altitude Of 29000 Feet?

Why Would Someone Want To Reach The Roof Of The World?

Why Would Someone Want To Climb MOUNT EVEREST? The Book ‘INTO THIN AIR’ Quickly Gives Me A Rejoinder As If It Is Reading My Write “Neelam, Because It Exists.”

Is This Attempt An Outcome Of Indefatigable Desire For Public Attention? Months, Weeks & Days Of Slow, Arduous Maneuver To Reach The Mountain’s Top & Then Once You Attain The Goal You Spend Less Than Half An Hour Clicking Few Pictures Vetting Your Victory & Experiencing Exhaustive Exhilaration Coupled With A Trepidation Of Imminent Long-Haul  Descend.

Someone Has Rightly Said ‘It Is The Journey That Matters More Than The Destination’. But What Kind Of A Journey Is This? “An Obvious Triumph Of Desires Over Sensibility.” An Idea Of A Guilt-Stricken Maverick Human, Trying To Undo His Past By Enduring This Penance.

Before Reading This Book I Was Determined To Experience Mountain Climbing. (Not The Snowy-Chilly Ones But The Arid Brown Ones). But This Book Turned Out To Be A Scanner It Did A Reality Check On My Effervescent Idea.

For Starters I Can Walk Endlessly (Provided I Have Music In My Ears) But When It Comes To Climbing I Get Breathless On The 10th Stair; In The Given Circumstance My Abode On 6th Floor Is Nothing Less Than Mount Everest To Me & I Have Never Scaled It Yet. I Have No Desire As Well……

At An Altitude Of 18000 Feet And Above I Would Remain Immured In My Sleeping Bag, Become A Frostbitten Frozen Vegetable & Without The Supply Of My Staple Diet & Ginger Tea In My Dimming Mind I Would See Ghosts Walking Around Me.

As I Ascended Above The Clouds; Near The Stars, Sun & The Moon & Descended Abruptly On The Sea Level While Opening & Closing This Book I Have Made A Strong Resolve That If I Ever…Ever Venture This Shangri-La Like Place In My Life It Would Be ‘To The Base Camp & Back.’

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The Shuttered Look Of Streets & The Silent Nivea Nights. Shiver Of Sardi & The Warmth In Sip Of Hot Soup Or Ginger Tea. Sumptuous Meals & Sweat-less Skin. Sneezy Nose & Sore Throat. Vicks Vaporub & Cough Syrup. The Sneaking Under The Quilt & Sweet Snuggle Of Loved Ones. Shawl, Sweaters, Jackets & Stole. Nasal Voice & The Company Of Handkerchief. The Shorter Days & Longer Nights. The Sleepy Head & The Ultimate Coffee Time. Basking In The Dazzling Sun & Cladding Self Completely. Watching Season's Movies Featuring Snow & Santa & Being Water Shy.

The Darkness Of Dusk & The Dawn!

Replace Robinhood Pandey With Kung Fu Pandey & Zandu Balm With Fevicol. Refurbish The Scenes Of Dabangg 1 Here & There. And Ofcourse Add The Remaining Usual. A Rogue Villain & Our Radical Cop On A Rampage, Ravishing Sonakshi, Few Rapchik Dialogues, A Raunchy Item Song & Something That Results Into Salman's Shirt-Off. That's The Receipe Of Dabangg 2.

Repeated Or Refined???

(Not To Be Read As Rave Review Though Ksha Watched With Rapt Admiration)

With A Pinch Of Pride & Feeling Of Pure Joy I Stand Pensive On The Porch Of My Pune Abode.

Performed Puja To Bless & Purify A Humble Place That I Now Possess On The Vast Plane Of This Planet.

Heartfelt Thanks To Friends Who Came To Pour Blessings.

Special Thanks To Mr. Amar Pethe!!!

I Am Touched .... Life From Here To There!!!

What Brings Me Back To This Place Again & Again Is The Fact That It Knows Exactly When I Stopped Updating My Music Collection

Reminding, Reliving, Relishing, Refreshing & Rewinding The Recorded Memories Of The Bygone Days In Pune. A Small & Significant Part Of My Life Lived And Left Behind. It's All Coming Back To Me Now!

" I Am The Reason For The Pain & The Gain. I Pave The Path Of Progress & Regress. I Invite The Bloom & The Gloom. I Am Responsible. I Am The Problem & I Am The Panacea ............"

Saddle Up The Sunny Side Of Life :-)

When Your Heart Fears The Near; Empower Your Mind To Fancy The Far.

Talked With A Long Lost, Tall & A Very Talkative Friend Far Off In Punjabi-O Ka Land Kaneeeda!!!!

Starting Exactly From Where We Had Left 7 Years Back. Talking About How Good/Correct We Are & How Bad/Wrong The World Is. How Beautiful Life Is & How Bad It Can Get. Gossiping/Updating About Him & About Her. Laughing Out Loud. Discussing The Little Triumphs Of Our Life & The Big Stories Of Surviving Some Really Nasty Days. Realizing That We Have Crossed Latitudes In Our Minds & In Our Respective Lives. The Girlie Screams & That Awkward Moment Of Speaking Together Followed By Pause Implying ‘You Go First’. (Uffffffff So Much To Talk)

Being Humbled On Learning Few Friends Were On A Operation Called “Where The Hell Is Neelam?” Which Was Called Off Terming Me As A, “Seasonal Friend.” (So CUTE)

The Joys Of Friendship & I Am A Such A Black Sheep!!!

He Is More Of A Professional Than A Philanderer. He Focuses More On Stunts Than On Style. His Character Is More Real Than Surreal. His Act Is Plausible And Not That Of A 'Never' Fallible Guy. And His Show Is More Of Valour Than Of Glamour ......

Mr. Silent & Violent Daniel Craig In Quantum Of Solace. 

Talked With A Long Lost, Tall & A Very Talkative Friend Far Off In Punjabi-O Ka Land Kaneeeda!!!!

Starting Exactly From Where We Had Left 7 Years Back. Talking About How Good/Correct We Are & How Bad/Wrong The World Is. How Beautiful Life Is & How Bad It Can Get. Gossiping/Updating About Him & About Her. Laughing Out Loud. Discussing The Little Triumphs Of Our Life & The Big Stories Of Surviving 
Some Really Nasty Days. Realizing That We Have Crossed Latitudes In Our Minds & In Our Respective Lives. The Girlie Screams & That Awkward Moment Of Speaking Together Followed By Pause Implying ‘You Go First’. (Uffffffff So Much To Talk)

Being Humbled On Learning Few Friends Were On A Operation Called “Where The Hell Is Neelam?” Which Was Called Off Terming Me As A, “Seasonal Friend.” (So CUTE)

The Joys Of Friendship & I Am A Such A Black Sheep!!!

Couple Of Years Back, The Last Page Of Man Booker Prize Award Winning Book 'Life Of Pi' Left An Exclamation Mark In My Mind For Couple Of Days.

It Is Indeed One HELL Of An Outlandish Story.

Ang Lee Has Made A Master Piece Out Of Yann Martel's Blue Print.

Mr. Martel How On Earth Did You Fabricate Such A Story & Mr. Lee How Did You Bring It To Life???

Those Still Not Impressed May Watch 'Life Of Pi' For The Sake Of His Majesty 'Richard Parker', His White Whiskers, His Fiery Eyes, The Panache That His Body Language Emits & His I-Am-Mighty Roars Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat THROUGHOUT.

PS: The 3D In This Movie Is VERY 3D.

Noisy Night.

It Was Like The Entire City Had Coordinated To Continue The Celebrations Of Welcoming The New Year's Sun. A BOOM Here & Then A BOOM There...... REPEAT!!!!!

Mr. New Year You Better Be Good!

Happy New Year People!!

Shoot Them Up, They Shimmer & Simmer Down.
Sanguine Scene ......Sporadic Sparkles On The Splendid Sky! 

Sight Of Splendor, Sound Of Diwali Siren & The Smell Of The Cracker-y Smoke! ! 

So Soul Soothing .....

Walking Is Such A Thing For "Baking Babies-Ladies". Let Your Feet Take That Leap To Scrub & Mob The Rusted Muscles Lying In The Dungeon Of Your Body. Let It Instead Fill That Space With Pain That Penetrates Deeper & Makes You Feel The Brittleness Of Your Bones. With Every Jog Believe That A Small Mass Of That UGLY, Redundant & Always Mis(Wrongly) Placed Fat Is Melting. Glow With Your Inner Radiance.....Sweat, Pant, Quiver, Stagger & Feel The Pain. Jogging: This Is The Real Stuff!!!

The Way He Talks & He Walks. It's A Treat To Watch His Blue Eyes Again And Again And Again ........!!!!

I Cant Guess What Could Be The History Of World........But Wondering What Could Possibly Be History Of India If HITLER Was Born In The Land Of Snake Charmers & Elephants!!! Among Many Other Things That Made Him The Infamous 'HITLER' Which Includes Water Shy Nature Of The Jews.....He Believed a) Parliament( Collective Responsibility) Is An Institution Filled By Cowardice & Ignorance. b) Press/Trade
 Unions Are Nothing But Propoganda For Political Education Rather Than Focusing On Amelioration Of Society.c) Human Rights Are Above The RIghts Of The State & Politicians(Dubiour Talkers) Didnot Have The Clear Concept Of Importance Of The Social Problem. d) Introduction/Allowing Foreign Religion In Your Land Degenerates Your Nation.

One Can Hear The Clear Sound Of Bugle Calling……….

On The Clock 6:00 PM Never Appears To Be So Divine. The Sun Is About To Go Down & Peace Is Slowly Engulfing Our Minds Like A Shadow That Gradually Covers The Monstrous Mountains.

Some Mind

s Are Devising Ways to Reward Per Se But For Many It’s Time to Heal! ‘Books, Movies, Marathon Sleep, The Cheer Drink…………Music Or Friends!!!
What Is Apt To Be Applied??

The Computers Are Unplugged & Shut Down & Kept Out Of Sight! Some Matters Will Have To Wait Till We Return Back With The Monday Morning Sun From The ‘No Work Zone’.

An Invisible White Flag Is Fluttering Up Around; It Is Sacrosanct. The War Fought With Emails, Concals & Meetings Has Been Halted For Two Whole Days!

The 'Weekday' Appearance Is Shed...So The Body Can Rest & Mind Can Relax!
It’s Two Day Of ‘Rejuvenating Retreat’!

Perhaps The Only Bollywood Movie Whose Success Would Be Determined By How The ‘Sensible Social Message’ It So Lucidly Conveys, Permeates Through India’s Diverse Religious Culture & The Number Of Holy Books That Will Go Off The Shelves Rather Than The Moolah It Will Make.

OMG…………..Act Of Mithun Is Such A Sight!!!

I Wish You Have A Traitor-Free Weekend.
Get Yourself Restored……..Thank God It’s Friday!

As The Music From The Gadget Streams Through The Wire That Plug Your Ears; Your Eyes Become A Rolling-Camera & Suddenly The Surrounding Becomes All A Part Of A MTV Music Video. Everything & Everybody Around Is Captured Involuntarily. And You Are Left With 2 Choices, Play The Cameo In The Video Or Lip Sync As If You Are The Playback Singer.
Bryan Adams Sings In My Ears, “ I Wanna Run To You.” :-)

Super Power? Heavy Dose, It Took Me Months & A Break From The Book Per Se To Finish It! All The GDP Spend Talk, The Highway Projects, Health, Education, Infrastructure Development………Phew!! In A Layman’s Language “The D’s Of India i.e. Democracy, Diversity & Decentralization Will Always Ensure That The Reforms & Development In Our Country Remains Lopsided. As Far As China Is Concerned, It Is Coercive & Is On A Hurried Mission. The Development Is At The Expense Of Its Own People Seemingly To Impress America & To Beat Down India. I Mean...... They Started This Hare & Tortoise Race. India By & Large Is A Country That Believes In Peace In Every Which Way!"

William I Want To Know What As Per You Is The Culture Of India. As Per Me We Have Not Been Very Careful In Picking Our Culture- What You Wrote Below; Poverty, No Sense Of Hygiene, Population, No Focus On Women Empowerment Etc Etc- Unfortunately That Is Our Culture. Every Nation Has It's Vices But These Are The Ones That Germinate In Mind And Our Thinking- Kind Of Etched. Difficult To Be Razed. We All Love India After All It's Our Home. Perhaps You Have A Strong Sense Of Belonging Here Than Pride. There's Nothing To Feel Proud About Our Culture. Just Like An American Can't Feel Proud Of It's Atrocities In Afghanistan. Watch All This Hollywood Movies- Real India Is Poor India- Dirty India! 

Between What Are The Ways Where We Are Far Off Better Than Others..... 

'Entertaining Movies Are Either As Real As Hell Or As Unbelievable As Heaven.'

"The Function Of Mind Is To Organize Our Life & The Job Of Heart Is To Disorganize It. In The Conflict Of Heart & Mind, We May Think That The Mind Is Winning But Heart Has A Way Of Catching Up."

Mind Says, " Quiet Me, Take Me On A Vacation. . Neelam, How About Meditation?"

Water Is The Elixir Of Life. But As My Mind Gets Consumed Admiring This Cosmic Mass Of Water, I Get Introduced To Its Lethal Element, “The Water Tempts Me…..It’s Almost Magnetic…It Invites Me To Experience It!!”

The Roads, Buildings, Trees & Every Other Living & Non Living Thing That Make Up The City Of ‘Ahmedabad’ Have Absorbed The Heat Of Scorching Sun In A Hope That One Day When The Clouds Will Reign In The Sky Over The Sun It Will Give Vent To It All.
That Time Is Overdue!
 But For Couple Of Weeks The ‘Sun’ Is On LEAVE Here For No Reason At All. As The City Gets Ready To Have Its Yearly Bath To Shed It’s Dirt, Dust & Dryness It Realizes The Overhead Water Tank Has Met With A Snag.
Pretentious Clouds, Simulated Rain-y Weather….& Rains? 

What Rains?????

Hi ‘Miss Discipline’ You Have Been Lying In The State Of Hibernation For Almost Three Months Now. It’s About Time You Shake The Drowsiness Off Your Sleepy Head, Get Fresh, Put On Your Best Shoes & Get On The Patrol. 

I Wish Gaining & De Gaining Weight Was A Part Of My Profession. That Workout & Lazy Muscles Could Take Turns To Be Counted As A Part Of My Job & Were Tangibly Rewarded.

Walking Is Still Fine But Gym-ing Is Such A Supreme Test Of Discipline. But If It Is Your Profession You Really Have No Option! 

Hrithik Ko Bolo Naukri Karke Weight/Waist Loss Karke Dikhaye...

Then, Love Said “Let’s Elope! I Want To Die With You.”
Now, Love Says “Let’s Wait! I Want To Be Sure About You.”

“I Had A Makeover”, Says Cupid,
“Love & All Is Cool, But Don’t Be Stupid”

Gone Are The Days, When ‘Tann, Mann & Dhann’ One Would Give-In,
Now Is The Era Of Convenient Live-In.

Yes……….It’s 14th Feb & Love Is In The Air, But Single Ones Don’t Be Despair,
Cause Erstwhile Love For Many Is A Nightmare.

Cheers To The New & Improved Love………….The Pragmatic Love.
Happy Valentine’s Day To All!

Keep Loving!!!

"Few Of My Friends Envy My Life. They Say My Life Is Fraught With ' Fun, Frolic & Freedom'. 
It Is Indeed! 
But Can They Even Slightly Fathom What Is It Like To Change The Gender In My Mind According To The Situation." 
Man, Woman, Mother..... Father- What Am I?

Human Labyrinth, 8000 Of Us! Smell Of Smoke, Liquid & Sweat..Normal People Gone Crazy, Hands Up In The Air & Some Lucky Chics Up On Their Boy's Shoulders... Boy Snug-ling Their Girls Well Everyone's Snug-ling Each Other... Show Of Love & Affection & David Guetta Is Playing ' Love Is Gone'....

Dear Alto,

Missing You. I Have Now Realized Your Worth. Your Four Doors Never Showed Me The Ugly Side Of Indian Roads- The Cacophony Of Honking & Engine Blare, The Air Pollution & The Wrath Of Sun God. The Cool Air That You Blew From Your AC, Kept My Temper In Place. And The Sony Xplod Box That Resides In You; Played My Favorite Songs -Mellifluous & Mood Elevating. They Kept Me Going Even After Not So Good Customer Calls. You Were Always There For Me. I Had To Just Walk Few Steps. You Never Made Me Experience The Road Fatigue, The Headache & The Burning Sensation In Eyes That It Generates. I Was Not Even Familiar With Tanning. But More Than Anything Else, You Helped Keep My Hair In Style.

I PROMISE........ I Am Going To Love You Even More & It Will Show In The Way I Will Drive You Henceforth.

Heartfelt Thanks To Almighty For The Alto Prosperity.

There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life To Fullest!
Live Life With Someone Whose Company Per Se Makes You Experience The Beauty Of Life Or........... Live Solo & EXPLORE The Goodness Of Life.
For Those Of Us Neither Here Nor There, "Better Luck Next Time."

Just When You Feel The Ultimate Song... No... The Penultimate Song On Love Is Here & It Would Be 2nd To None.
A New One Comes!

'Kare Chand Taro Ko Mashhoor Itna Kyon, 
Kambakht Unse Bhi Khoobsurat Hai Tu' 

The Honking In Ahmedabad Is Directly Proportional To The Temperature In The City. When The Sun Soars The Level Of Decibels Also Goes Up. Especially The Noise Of ‘Peep Peep’-Courtesy Bajaj Scooter. It Sounds Like The Person Is Giving You Raw Desi Swear & Asking You To Get Out Of His Way.

Everybody Breaks. 
Some Make Noise & Some Just Stay Quiet. 
Some Lay It All Bare & Some Pretend That All Is Fine. 
They Tolerate & Wait Patiently For The Moment To Pass. 
Because What Lies On The Other Side Of Moment Doesn't Change. It Happens Irrespective Of How You Embrace It- You Collapse Or You Remain Composed!

‎'Business Suit' Is Not Just A Type Of Clothing. 
If It Strongly Connotes Power & Authority; It Also Silently Tells 'I Don't Belong Here... I Am From HO.' 

With So Many Powerful Features It Adds To One's Persona... Does One Really Care What The Temperature Is?

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen ‘The School Reopens’…

And It Brings With It The Shrillness Of Morning Alarm, One More Quarterly Review Meeting, ‘Hurry & Scurry’ Of Punctuality, Homework-Hassle, ‘Dabba’-Dilemma, Late Evening Episodes Of 'How I Lost My Pencil/Eraser?', 'Who Ate My Tiffin' & 'I Got Pinched'……….. But Mostly It Brings Into Action The Multitasking-Mothers; In Countless Roles.

"Like Small & Naughty Little Puppies The Bubbly & Bouncy Waves Come And Sniff My Feet. Then They Recede Even Faster As If Missing Playing Some Important Game With Their Waiting Friends; But Not Without Quickly Inviting Me To Join Them. As I Don't Abide, They Come Back More Stronger & Louder Almost Pulling Me In... 

Water, Water Everywhere! Divine Water In Clouds, Salty Water In Sea And Sweet Rain Water In Between. We Mortals Had 'A Time Of Our Life In The Rocking Party Of Nature' Listening To The Pitter-Patter Of Rain & Watching Pearly Rain Drops Fall On This Vast Mass Of Water.... — at Varca Beach, Goa.

God Manufactures Two Kinds Of People. 

Type ‘A’ Who Lives & Type ‘B’ Which Enables ‘A’ To Live. The ALIVE’s Thrive On ‘Energy, Experiments, Excitement & Experience’ & ENABLERS Obliviously Exemplify ‘Ignorance Is Bliss.’

A Lot Can Happen In A Day!

And On One Such Day The Crucified Mind & Body In The Daze Of Weariness Desires To Sleep. Not Just Any Kind Of Sleep But A Special Slumber. The One Which Un-Saddles The Weight Of Responsibility & Mocks “You Are Dispensable”
At The Mundane & Mortal Commitments.
A Sleep Induced By Soporific Fatigue Where The Threads Of Mind Would Stop Processing & Analyzing Every Sight, Every Action & Every Word In The Atmosphere. 
A Full STOP To The Constant Chatter. 
A Sleep That Facilitates A Recess From Human Race & A Break From Being Alive & Kicking........... But Only To Resurrect Back On A New Day With A New Life Just Like Jesus.
Night Night!

While The Few Fortunate Friends Are Mid-Way Through The Long Weekend; Relaxing In A New Land With Friends & Family. Flaunting The ‘I Am On Vacation Look’ In Sun Glasses (Even On A Cloudy Day), Shorts, Funky....Flowery Tops & Knee Length Shorts. Jabbering, Wining & Dining & Suffering From Temporary Amnesia Of Their Work Life.

The Unfortunate, Important & Busy People Who Can’t Escape The USUAL May Resort To VISUAL With A Choice Of This & That.

If Bollywood Directors Have Put Their Brains Aside & Dished Out Two Movies For Us, One ‘HOT’ & Another ‘COOL’ Hollywood Has Put Forth Two Movies That Show What A Human Brain Is Capable Of Doing & Thinking.

Total Recall’, Cool Movie, Hot Stars! Smart Choice!!!

It Was She Who Introduced Me To Me. She Was That Ingredient That Made My Tea So Special. 
She Was My Surrogate Dining Room, Music Room, Guest Room, Reading Room & My Meditation Room. She Made The Rains More Beautiful. She Was A Tranquilizer For My Messed Up & Distorted Mind. 

She Was My Home.

She, Me & The Wind Chimes- We Were Such A Company-I Never Felt Alone.

Sitting In Her Lap & Watching The Lush Green Trees; The Blue Waters Of Swimming Pool; Feeling The Perennial Cool Breeze, She Never Failed To Reassure That ‘My Life Is Good’.

“Dear Balcony Of All The Pune-Places That I Will Miss You Top The List.” 

‎'Some Day When We Will Flicker Through The Pages Of Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Bump Into The Word 'Punctual'. It Would Describe The Meaning Of The Word As ' A Person Who Is An Excited Soul; A Person Who Is Not Important Or A Person Who Has No Work At All."

Hello 'CLOUDS' Don't Depress, Detour Or Derail. Get Dark, Darker.. Darkest. Just Drain Yourself To Douse, Drench, Drizzle & Bring A Deluge On Desperate. — at Ahmedabad.

Hectic, Hectic..So Hectic, From Sun Up To Sun Down,
We Were So Charged Up When We Stepped Out To Hit The Work Town!

Talking, Walking, Responding & In Meetings We Spent Our Day,
Slowly As Our Batteries Started Dwindling We Got Selective & Kept Non Essential Communication At Bay!

Atlast The Day Is Over! My Blackberry's Battery Has Gone Blaring RED,
All Fatigued & Drained My Body & Mind Is Saying 'Hit The BED' !

‎"A Soothsayer & A Good Writer Makes You Exclaim Alike. If The Former Opens The Chronicle Of Your Life, The Latter Goes Verbatim On Your Emotions....." 

Water, Water Everywhere! Divine Water In Clouds, Salty Water In Sea And Sweet Rain Water In Between. We Mortals Had 'A Time Of Our Life In The Rocking Party Of Nature' Listening To The Pitter-Patter Of Rain & Watching Pearly Rain Drops Fall On This Vast Mass Of Water.... 

After Spending 3 Days In Impeccable Hotel Ambiance, Breathing The Cool, Collected & Conditioned Air In Always Beautifully Curtained Walls, Eating The 'Consistent In Taste' Hotel Food ... Feels Good To Return To 'The Casually Usual'. Happy Sunday At 'Home Sweet Home'....

After Pune & Mumbai Some Showers In Ahmedabad. The Sweet Smell Of Soil & The New Wave Of Cool Breeze Is Saying, "Hold On To The Heat, Tolerate It For Some More Days. Enjoy The Mangoes Before They Disappear For One Whole Year.... Rain Is Just Around The Corner & Here's The Teaser."

"10,000 Steps A Day Keeps The Doctor Away." 
If You Dont Have A 'Pedometer' To Keep You Walking. Get 'Indovative'. Get Yourself Assigned To A 'Nagging' Girl Friend. She Keeps 'Talking', You Keep 'Walking'. No Luck There... No Worry, Subscribe To Plan B.... 'Concals'. They Keep 'Talking', You Keep 'Walking'.

Scorecard Is Your 'Call History'. 10 Mins= 1 Km (10000 Steps = 8 Kms) & Let It Be Brisk.

Dont Be Still, Keep Moving!

Some Authors Are Great Story Tellers & Some Just Articulate Mundane Stories Beautifully.....

Read Erich Segal's "Oliver's Story". I Haven't Read Shakespeare, But This Guy Surely Knows How To Play With 'English'. His Writing Not Only Gives Your Mind A Sense Of Deja Vu But Also Helps You Express In The Precise Exact Manner Things As You Must Experience Them.

‎" I Find Anna Hazare & Aamir Khan Old Chips Of The Same Block. Both Are Trying To Use Plebiscite; Ironically In A Country Than Runs On Democracy. This To Bring A Revolutionary Change To Ameliorate Our Society. Unfortunately Our System i.e Red Tapeism, Bureaucracy & No Such Thing As Fast Track Mechanism Makes It Sound Like One Is Trying To Glory Self & Other Is Trying To Fill His Coffers.” Somebody Has Rightly Said, “ Efforts Are Always Rewarded.”

Sometimes It's Good To Feel Small!
Whenever I Will Feel 'Too Good' About Self Or Should I Have A Trifling Sense About My Life, I Will Watch 'Satyamev Jayate'.

Awareness Is A Clutter In Your Mind Unless & Until You Make It Useful.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ishaqzaade: Don't We All Want To Be Ishaqzaade?

It’s A New Day. The Little Sleep Of Last Night Has Not Done A Proper Job. It Should Have Cleared The Clutter Of Yesterday But I Am Having A ‘Hangover’. The Images Of ‘Ishaqzaade’ Are Still Lingering In My Thoughts, The Music Continues To Vibrate In My Nerves & Pareeniti’s Performance That Came Out From Every Molecule Of Her Body Keeps Flashing In My Mind.

Don’t We All Want To Be ‘Ishaqzaade’?
Silently, Secretly …Deep Down Inside ‘Live & Die For Love’. The Only Emotion That Gives You The Feeling Of Being Alive & Undoes The Fear Of Death.

Isn’t It The Heart That Lives & Dies And Not The Mind?
Then Why Does Mind Matter More Than The Heart?
Perhaps, Cause Mind Has Got A Strategic Location In Our Body.
It Sits On The Top! And The Boss Is Always Right!!

The Movie Is So Beautifully Garnished With The Language Of Music.
I Wish In Real Life Too We Would Have Such Suitable Music Playing In Backdrop.
Life Would Be So Much More Dramatic, Motivating & Easy To Deal.
If I Am Sad, Music That Helps Me Cry.
If I Am Happy, Music That Accentuates & Spreads The Joy.
If I Am Beat, Music That Alleviates My Spirits.

With Nothing That I Can Possibly Change, I Am Happy Screaming Along With The Singers These Magical Words ‘Mein Pareshan Pareshan…Pareshan’ & ‘Ishaqzaade’. It Lets Me Vent Out Some Of The Unsung Emotions Of My Heart, & Here Goes The Mind. It Interrupts, “Neelam, It’s Time To Upgrade Your Music System”.

Boss Ne Bola, Ab Karna Padega….. :-)