Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Looked Like A Relaxed Corpse In The Coffin!

I Looked Like A Relaxed Corpse In The Coffin. With A Surrendered & Satiated Smile. Eyes Closed, Body Stick-Straight & Hands Humbly Folded In The Anticipation Of Pleasure & Peace. The Curtain Was Drawn, The Lights Made Dim & The Noise Of Beauty-Business Chore Suddenly Diminished As The Door Went Shut. A Bandana Fastened & Re-Fastened My Fluffy Curls With A Silent Instruction ‘Do Not Disturb’.


 Foreplay Of Fingers On My Face. Her Ladies Fingers Got Wheels With Four Lumps Of Aromatic Mixed Fruit Cream; Landing Equi-Distance North-East-West-South. Her Fingers Skated Slowly Around My Eyes & Re-Defined My Nose Line; They Lost Balance Around The Cheeks & Went Round & Round Regaining The Equilibrium Only At My Chin To Redo The Whole Thing Again.

Mission Accomplished: Every Molecule Of My Face ACTIVATED.

She Drew Some Imaginary Lines On My Forehead To Pace Down The Processing Of My Mind; Gradually Bringing Down The Chatter Of My Mind To A Complete Halt. Then Just Like An Athlete Who Warms Up Before His Game She Flexed The Modest Flesh Of My Face In Preparation Of What Followed.

Mummification Of The Dwindling Youthfulness Of My Weary-Teary Face.

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