Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nothing Is Ever As It Seems. Everybody Says “I Am Fine.”

  • Everyone Has Mastered The Art Of Disguise.

  • ‘Lance Armstrong Survives Cancer & Wins Tour De France In The Fastest Time Ever.’
  • ‘Andre Agassi Separates From Brooke Shield …..Later Marries Steffi.’

  • Reads So Simple!!

  • When You Read Their Life In Their Own Words You Realize That God Has Not Spared Anyone From The Adverse Side Of Life………….Failure, Loneliness, Desire To Be Loved…Desire To Be Understood…Mistakes….Test Of Patience…..Snubbing….Humiliation. Everyone Goes Through All Of This & More!!

To Top It. These Special People Live In Houses Made Of Glass…………..With Their Life Being Reported By Pen Which Is Mightier Than Sword. Ostensibly They Have To Be At Their Best No Matter What.

Nothing Is Ever As It Seems. Everybody Says “I Am Fine.”

Pain Is Inevitable. Pain Has No Scale. Pain Is Simply Pain.

Pain Is Something We All Go Through. We Endure It. And We Come Out Of It. But The Most Amazing Thing We Humans Do With Pain Is We Forget About It As If It Never Happened. All The Mothers Would Agree With Me On This One...... Had We Remembered The Pain This World Would Not Be Such A Populated Place.

We All Want To Overcome It, To See The Brighter Side Of Life.

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