Friday, 27 January 2012

Steve Jobs RIP!!

  • This World Has LEGENDS & It Has People. These Legends Strive To Be Different ….So To Bring Difference In Our Lives & Sometimes They Even Bring A Change That Permeates The Globe At Large. Are These Legends God’s Special Children? NO. 

  • It Is We Who Make Them Superlatives For Touching Our Lives In A Very Emotional Way Whether It Is Technology, A Piece Of Art Or An Act Of Philanthropy. It Takes A Lot... To Stand Out Among Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions & Billions. They Cannot Be Merely Lucky. They Are The Ones Who Bring Life To Words Like Determination, Devotion, Patience, Perseverance, Vision & Mission. But In The End It’s Their Creativity Which Stands Tall Among All Their Virtuous Attributes Coupled With Childlike Conviction In What They Want To Bring Forth To The World.

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