Thursday, 26 January 2012

Review: The Descendants!

Alexander Payne, I am not so pleased to inform you but your ‘Satyajit Ray Inspiration’ gimmick to pull us Indians in the multiplexes apparently does not seem to be working.  First day, first show and I felt like I had bought the whole movie show.  

Even so, ‘The Descendants’ is a movie about life- its pangs and its prizes.  
Life’s the same for everyone, there’s no such thing as greener pastures. Work, spouse, children, family, friends…once in a while a lot of mess up happens around one of these support systems which results into heartaches or nervous breakdowns. It’s how you sort this disorder that makes the life worthwhile. You see, only after you clear this mess that you realize that life is indeed so beautiful.

The movie preaches us the perfect family formula which goes like, love your family……love your spouse or they will love someone else. Communicate with your children now, or later you will need to do a hell lot of talking. The dialogues of the characters are so straight from the heart, no manipulation ….no jazz. Just as exact how one would feel in a particular situation. And boy let me tell you, honesty is funny- it tells how crazy we are inside unlike the appearances we generally keep up. It’s a story so real you almost feel you could play a part in it without taking any lessons on how to face the camera.

And George, you are getting old……………..but you look experienced. ;-)
No amount of grey hair or wrinkles can take that manly charm away from you.
You Are Handsome!!  No matter what clothes, what expression …….what angle!!

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