Saturday, 14 April 2012

How I Found My New Home In Ahmedabad.....

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Woman!!!

All Enthused & Perked She Arrived In A New City,
Alas! She Couldn’t Find A Home Even After By Being So Witty!

Oh! How Finicky & Claustrophobic She Was,
If The House Had No Sunlight She Wouldn’t Even Care To Pause,

She Wouldn’t Even Give A Look At Houses Bearing Numbers Four Or Eight,
God Bless The Broker If He Wasted Her Time By Showing Them To Her Using Bait!

At Times She Wouldn’t Even Enter A Building & Simply Give Broker An Angry Gaze,
“Look At This Building & Now Look At Me, You Fool Couldn’t You Gauge!”

She Also Had Some Strict Ideas About The Floor,
If You Live On Top Floors Your Perspective Is Bound To Soar,

Her Balcony Should Invariably Face The West,
Cause That’s Where The Breeze Would Blow The Best,

The House Should Also Comply With All That She Read In A Feng Shui Book,
The Knowhow She Acquired In Her House Maker Days When She Learnt To Cook,

In Her Search For Perfect Abode, She Encountered Landlords So Stubborn & Silly,
No Eating Non-Veg Was Still Fine But Being Single Parent Didn’t Count As A Family!

So In Her Own Home Town Being Alienated, She Almost Felt Like To Regress,
In Her Frustration, She Rubbished Mr. Narendra Modi’s Tall Claims Of Progress!

Just When She Felt The Future Of Finding A Perfect Home Was Not So Bright,
She Passed Through A New Building Giving Her A Ray Of Light!

She Casually Entered Someone’s House,
And Took Permission For A Quick Browse,

She Made Up Her Mind & Instantly In Love She Fell,
“Oh Luck, Please Favor Me, Cause Here Is Where I Want To Dwell”

She Took Help From A Friend & Put Few Brokers On Job,
But Nothing Accrued Even After So Much Of Probe,

Despaired & Dejected She Went On A Stroll,
Getting A Place In That Building Being Still Her Goal,
She Spoke With Some Strangers Getting Into That Building,
“Could You Please Help Me In Getting A House Here?
I Am Trying So Hard But Nothing Is Yielding”,

Uncle & Aunty Took Her To Their Daughter’s Residence,
She Still Can’t Believe It Was Such A ‘In The Nick Of Time’ Coincidence!

She Entered The Hall Of House Next Door,
Not Only Was The House Numbered 10, It Was Located On 6th Floor,

She Was Welcomed By The Sight Of A Beautiful Sunset,
The House Had It All, It Totally Befitted Her Mindset,

But The Deal Was Sealed & The House Was Already Put On Rent,
Next Day It Was To Be Occupied, Leaving Her Anxious…. She Didn’t Know How To Vent,

She Pleaded The Broker To Chuck The Agreement,
As She Had Fallen In Love With The Apartment,

But It Was Too Late & Her Request Was All In Vain,
She Crossed Her Fingers That Her Luck Would Gain,

The Next Day 3 New Tenants Moved In All Happy & Gay,
She Now Firmly Believes A Lot Can Happen In A Day,
To Neighbors Ire One Of The Girls Threw A Birthday Party,
& The Neighbors Threw Them Out Saying We Don’t Want Any Party-Sharty,

That’s When Her Luck Shone,
She Indeed Never Once Thought That The House Was Gone,

So Here Ends My Story Of Searching A Idyllic Place To Live,
‘A Lot Can Happen In A Day’, Is The Message I Want To Give!!!!


  1. So eloquently put...:-) Reading it -made me live the journey of hunting for a house which would become home....All the very best..

    1. Glad If It Made You Re-Live Those Days- I Am Flattered- Keep Reading!

  2. it's really unbeleivable after read this story of yours that in ahmedabad u were gone through this kind of stage , I must say either efforts putted in wrong direction or Brokers were not perfact

    1. Dont read my write as's not fair and wont be fair even if you do perfect things....just ENJOY/Like what i write