Friday, 30 March 2012

Farewell To Pune Years!!

As I Leave This Place Behind,
One Realization Mostly Struck My Mind,
“I Am Leaving Behind Some Years Of My Life,
Many Moments Of Glee & Some Moments Of Strife”

In The End As I Pack-Up, Nothing Seems To Matter,
Though Many A Times This Place & Few People Had Made Me Shatter!
I Want To Forgive If Not Forget,
By Embracing The New Sunrise & Giving Send-Off To The Sunset!

With A Smile On My Face As I Look Back,
Irrespective- At Those Good, Bad & Ugly God Laid Tracks,
While Trudging Those Roads ---Few Experiences Made Me Feel I Was So Stuck In A Trap,
I Now Become Aware By Surmounting Them I Was Only Adding Feathers To My Cap!!!

My Eyes Will Miss- Some Faces & Some Beautiful Sights,
Being Right Around The Corner-They Always Made Me Feel So Right!

With A New Beginning -I Will Now Stride On A New Road,
Gradually-The Writings On My Fate’s Slat I Shall Decode,
The Rules Of Life Shall Not Change,
But People, Places & The Experiences Will Be Of New Range!

I Once Believed In The Idea To Inhabit, Perhaps I Still Do,
But Isn’t It Being Rigid, Sticking To One Place Like A Glue?
I  Now Wish I Can Move On- From People & From Places- Intermittently,
The Ones I Will Leave Behind Will Be Missed & Remembered Fondly,
But This One Good Way To Live Life …That I So Wish To Explore,
A Life Rich In Goodness & Fraught With Experiences Galore!!

Taking The Rough With The Smooth, Many Encounters I Want To Strive,
Oh Lord Bless Me, In One Lifetime With The Experiences Of 100 Lives!

Neel & Ksha’s Bye………

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