Friday, 10 August 2012

Faith Is Contagious…

Faith Is Contagious…

 I Am Standing In A Human Jam; Sub-Consciously Blocking Every Other Sense & Sight As I Look In The Eyes Of ‘Krishna’.

It’s His Birthday & Fervor Has Gathered From All Walks Of Life To Celebrate & Congratulate ‘The God’; To Pray, To Ask For Forgiveness & To Show Gratitude For All Their Born Days.

In This Pristine Ambience Which Is Reverberating With Faith & Amidst The Mumble Of Prayers & Loud Chants Every Single Soul Has Elevated Itself From Its Flesh-y Dwelling; Away From The Chattering & Forceful Crowd; To Concentrate, To Convey & To Get Occupied In A Blissfully Intimate Conversation With God On His Special Day.

What A Divine Sensation!!! The Fragrance Of Hundreds Of Incense Sticks, The Sight Of Besotted Devotees, Bedecked God & ‘Diyas’; The Comforting To Ears Sanskrit Hymns.

Everything Present Is Radiating ‘Belief’ & Is Permeating It Deeper Into All Present. The Temple Has Become A ‘Cauldron Of Faith’.

You Can Almost Feel The Presence Of Congregated Faith. And Such Is The Power Of Passion & Conviction That If The Numerous Minds/Souls Present Conceived One Wish It Would Be Granted Invariably.

If The Twin Brothers ‘Focus & Faith’ Knock The Door Of Future, You Ought To Be Greeted By The Fruit You Desired.

As I Give A Last Glance To The God To Make Room For The Left-Waiting, His Effervescent Smile Does The Job Of Bringing A Sense Of Calmness To My Foggy Mind.

 It Says, “All Is Well”.

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