Sunday, 5 August 2012

Some Songs Make You Lose The Equilibrium Of Your Mind.

Hallucinating ‘I Am In Love’ & That ‘Someone Is In Love With Me’. The Destination Is Reached, My Car’s Engine Is Waiting To Be Stopped; But I Am Not Present In The Car To Do The Needful. I Am Flying In My Imagination, Smiling, My Dreamy Eyes Are Fixed On A Chimera, Feeling ‘Beautiful’ Assuming The Singer-He Is Singing It For Me, Feeling Lighter On Peeling Off The Appearances I Keep & Being Just Me- Unalloyed & Pure, Feeling The Blissful Tickle Of A Rare Feeling- Unison Of A Happy Heart & A Happy Mind; Both Cooperating & Reciprocating To Each Other As If They Have Just Met After A Long Painful Struggle & Have Just Come To Life.

‘A Surge Of Adrenaline Until My Eyes Brim Up With Emotions…….’

Love Lullaby….

“Some Songs Make You Lose The Equilibrium Of Your Mind. But Isn’t It All Right?
 After All We Are All Humans…. We Can Be Dotty Sometimes”


  1. Nice Song and Very good Blog with 158 words it's terriffic written by you , one More Song is there " Aaab to Adat se ho gai hai " Movie Aadat write someting on it....
    and also one more song - it's little old but listen that song once , u will real like it's my favourite but not able to write some words on it because work schedule tight " but u can at least MOVIE - KARAM ( Priyanka Chopra and Jhon Abraham - Song words is " TINKA TINKA JARA JARA HAI ROSHNI KE JAISE JARA "