Wednesday, 1 August 2012

‘I Am Ok You Are Not Ok’ High.

Unless Asked, Does Sharing Imply Seeking Feedback Or A Plan Of Action?

Is It Possible To Be On The Right Side Of Emotions All The Time?

Isn’t Sharing Only A Means To Vent When You Get Too Tired Of Talking To Self?

Why Do People Bombard Their Judgment On Us Or On Our Situation, Blabber Special Comments, Give Mindboggling Examples, Impose Acute Advice, Sing Motivational Sermons, Talk The Obvious, Do Our Character Digging & End-Up Using Our Plight As An Opportunity To Go On An Ego Trip When You Say ‘I Am Not Fine?’


I Didn’t Mean Lend Me Your YEARS (Of Experience), I Meant E For Ears (Listening) !!!

No Wonder No Matter What The Situation Is, Everybody Says ‘I Am Fine.’

Keep Stocking Not Talking To Avoid Giving Your ‘Listener’ Sorry Your ‘Analyzer’ ‘I Am Ok You Are Not Ok’ High.


  1. All Blogs are very Touchable , Something is going on Very Deep when eyes are open infront of Life , no wonder if we are in kitchen and we dont have knief but still to carry passion to write Blog , I meant all your blogs say real story of Life about the truth which passing from side.... But Life is GAME , We are in Realistic Frame ...All Can not do BLAME , because Life is Ready for More .........Ritesh Shah

  2. Yes, u r partially right. While giving sermon one feels himself in a superior position, he thinks himself to be more knowledgeable and thus tries to satisfy his ego for superiority.
    But the second thing which is also equally true for a person who wants other to lend ears is that they want to talk about themselves, they r short of narcissist. They want to show their sorrow to others bcoz that’s all they have, they themselves have held sorrow to their heart as it is their identity.If this sorrow is lost their identity is lost n that is not desirable phenomena to them.
    U might have experienced when u r happy, when u laugh, u forget everything of urs, u loose ur identity but when u r sad u always feel---I m sad, I m unhappy. This I comes, this I is ego and in sadness this I is satisfied .While conveying ur unhappiness u show to the world that u have struggle in front of u. U have a war to fight.
    As in struggle or fight there exists chance of winning , and in victory ego is satisfied, superiority is established.
    Now the reason u disliked those person preaching sermon might be clash of egos.
    Preacher as always might be in superior air, wanted to show that he is more learned ,more experienced and u on the other hand trying to show the great struggle , the great war u r fighting ……..And when two egos Clash for superiority dislike is bound to be there .
    Try to think in new dimension. Both r not OK

  3. Hello Anonymous...........You Have'nt Got The Essence Of The Write!!

    It's Not About Who Is Ok And Who Is Not!!!

  4. If i am not mistaken then i think the essence might be that you dont like being advised.