Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Set A Theif ... To Catch A Theif!!!

They Say If You Want To Catch A Thief, Then Set A Theif To Do The Job. Likewise Misfortune, Gloom & Negativity Can Only Overcome Perse. Taking Advise From A Highflier When You Are Downtrodden Is Like Trying To Make Sense Out Of An Off The Tangent Talk. One Is Free Flowing On Cloud # 9 & Other Is Suffocating Down Under The Doldrums. The Result Of Such Conversation Would Only Be Cacophony Of Sympathy & Sermons. Instead Try Talking With Someone Around You...Someone On The Same Page. Someone Undergoing Similar Hardship, Stress & Commotion. You Will Not Feel Alone. In Fact In Many Ways You Will Feel You Are Doing Better. You Will Get A Feeling Of EMPATHY & Camaraderie. But Most Of All You Will Realize, That Shit Happens And It Happens With All.

What Goes Up..... Comes Down. One Day Those On Cloud 9 Will Make Way For You As They Descend To Take Your Place. It's A Vicious Circle...It Will Go On!

So Next Time Before You Lend Someone's Shoulder To Cry On & An Ear To Share.....Pick, Keeping The End In Mind! Do You Want Sympathy Or Empathy?

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