Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Keep Loving Anyway!!!

  • Then, Love Said “Let’s Elope! I Want To Die With You.”
    Now, Love Says “Let’s Wait! I Want To Be Sure About You.”

    “I Had A Makeover”, Says Cupid,
    “Love & All Is Cool, But Don’t Be Stupid”
    Gone Are The Days, When ‘Tann, Mann & Dhann’ One Would Give-In,
    Now Is The Era Of Convenient Live-In.

    Yes……….It’s 14th Feb & Love Is In The Air, But Single Ones Don’t Be Despair,
    Cause Erstwhile Love For Many Is A Nightmare.

    Cheers To The New & Improved Love………….The Pragmatic Love.
    Happy Valentine’s Day To All!

    Keep Loving Anyway!!!

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