Wednesday, 8 February 2012

We All Have A Story To Tell!

You Have Arundhati Roy, Amitav Ghosh  & Their Alike & Then You Have Chetan Bhagat & His Offspring(Who Write India’s #1 Bestseller). She, He & They ….All Are Great, Good Or Grouse Depending  Upon The Mind Which Scans The Book.  Mr. Bhagat’s Writing Still Hovers Around Gals & Guy, College & Marriage.  His Books May Have Made Sense To You 5 Years Ago But They May Now Sound Redundant As He Still Caters To Young Audience. Nonetheless, Let’s Appreciate The Fact That He Has A Story To Tell. Having Said That & Reading Quite A Many Books. As You Finish A Book, You Realize That Emotions Are The Same; Also The Facts Are More Or Less Known. So It All Boils Down To…..Few Write & Majority Don’t. We All Have A Story To Tell. Romantic, Adventurous, Inspiring, Hilarious………….Or Could Be A Worthwhile Experience Of Living Through A Fact That Permeates Tens And Thousands Of People. It’s Just A Matter Of Putting It In Black & White & Broadcasting It.

We All Have A Story To Tell. I Have A Story To Tell. Alas!! If Only I Had Been Carrying A Pen & A Journal Along With My Lipsticks....... For Starters I Would Have Written India’s # 1 Bestseller!!


  1. Get a pen now...! Waiting...!

  2. Only to get Pen it's not like to easy to write or share or broadcast story of own

    it's take very hard rock courage to share on blogs,

    Life is Game ,Game has changed now in every coming second , so move on with life and see what next is coming to write story ?

    LIFE - " Laughing is Fare enough "