Friday, 17 February 2012

Driving On A Highway, So Similar To Life’s Way!!

Driving On A Highway, 
So Similar To Life’s Way,
You Start The Engine With Destination In Mind, 
With No Aim In Life, Anything You Will Find!
It Could Be Good Or Bad, Maybe Best Or Worst, 
So It’s Advisable To Ensure You Set Your Goals First!

Then You Embark On Your Journey All Pumped Up & Enthused, 
With Friends Or Family Around & Not As A Recluse,
So Is Life, You Can’t Chart Alone, 
You Need Somebody By Your  Side To Comfort You & Hone!

Now On The Way You Get Weary & Beat, 
But With Destination In Mind There Is No Question Of Retreat,
In Life We Have Many Days When Our Mind Says, “What The Shit?”
But Life Is So Beautiful, Who Wants To QUIT!

On The Journey You May Get Lost & Meander For Some Time, 
Stop-Ask-Seek Rather Than Whine,
Life Will Test You, Confront You, Beat You So Hard That You Must Rest, 
Stop-Ask-Seek & Bring Out The Best!

The Mirror Will Show You The Things That Are Gone, 
More Beautiful & Cheered Than While They Were On,
Like Our Bygone Days, No Matter Sweet Or Sour, 
We Always Cherish Them Irrespective In The Chronicles Of Our!

On The Road, You Will Find Men & Machines That Met A Disaster,
Just Like When Life Gets Ugly With Our Acquaintance Around & Leaves Us To Wonder!

Some Roads Are Smooth & Some Are Bumpy, But Highway Is Generally A Straight Road Unless With Wrong Turns You Get Perplex,
Life Is Simple Even With Its Ups & Downs Unless With Wrong Expectations You Make It Complex!

It All Begins With A Goal In Mind & Ends Where You Arrive………….Where You Land
Destination Good Or Bad Ultimately It All Rests In Your Hands!

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