Saturday, 4 February 2012

There Is A Very Thin Line Between Love & Lust.

One Sit Read............The Bridges Of Madison County!!
Considering The Book Is A Best Seller & None Other Than Clint Eastwood Made An Even More Successful Film Out Of It. It Muddles Me Up!! 

Two People On The Brink Of Mid-Life Crisis. One Is A Wanderer & Other Is A Farm Wife. The Former Is A Loner & Latter Is Living A Lust Less Life. They Meet One Summer Afternoon. Sparks Flew, Eyes Meet On A Cup Of An Ice Tea. What Follows Is 4 Days Of Togetherness. 1 Day Of Acquaintance With Constant Peering Eyes & 3 Days Of Blissful Intimacy. Leaving Them Both With 2 Decades Of Day Dreaming Of Bygone Days!!!

Was This Love Or Lust?

There Is A Very Thin Line Between Love & Lust. There Is An Intersection & Sometimes Even Confusion. One Can Easily & Conveniently Misconstrue One For Another. But Love Overlaps With Responsibility As Well.  There Is No Confusion Here They Are Almost Synonyms. 

The Lady Protagonist Chooses Her Family Over Fling & Weeps Silently For 22 Years On What I Call A Seeming Love Of 4 Days, 1 Day Of Acquaintance & 3 Days Of Blissful Intimacy.

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