Monday, 26 March 2012

I Dare To Write Against Anna On Dotted Lines.........

What A Juxtapose? As The Old Man Apes Gandhi, We Hear/See Breaking News On Bribe Being Offered To A Senior Army Chief On Our LED Screens.  I Wonder! Is This A Man Made Gimmick- To Stir Up The Fatigued Anti- Corruption Movement Or A Work Of God. Innuendo To ‘Today’s Gandhi’ “Kindly Rethink Your Strategy, It Is Not Working”. The Hungry Old Man Indeed Has A Noble Thought; He Has The Means Too To Awake India’s ‘Aam Aadmi’ Through Renunciation(An Element Consciously Or Subconsciously Imbibed From Our Father Of Nation To Get Mass Support-Never Fails With Us Indians). But With Due Respect To His Strength & Stamina & Most Importantly The Righteous Thought; I & Many Of His Supporters Are Now Feeling The Vagueness Of His Drive. He Is On A Chimerical Vision Through An Even More Obscure Mission. The Cardinal Rule Of Goal Setting Is, That The Goal Per Se Should Be Quantifiable. If It Is Not; It Is Merely A Desire. Rhonda Byre’s Secret Will Also Not Work Here, How Can One Visualize A Corruption Free India? In A Country Like India, Where Lopsidedness Is Rampant …..You Mend A Stitch & Another One Breaks. A Country That Shines In The Corruption Index Of The World. He Wishes To Curb The Menace Through A Piece Of Paper With Lot Of Things Written On It Besides Sporadically Staging An Unto Death Fast. He Needs To Realize One Thing That I Was Made To Realize By One Orator ( His Name I Forgot.) That We Indians Have One Very Unique Quality- Our USP Is ‘Jugad’. There’s Now An English Word For It ‘Indovation’ (It Will Soon Find It’s Way In Oxford & Cambridge). If We Want To Do Something; Irrespective Of It Being Difficult Or Impossible We Will Find A ‘Jugad’ To Do It. Nothing Is Sacrosanct For Us…..Absolutely Nothing. Having Said That, I Strongly Believe Vices Are Inevitable. Someone Has To Be Bad For Someone To Be Good. (God Forbid The Ratio Should Not Be Appalling) Rather Than Protesting In Various Forms To Correct Others We Must Bring A Change Within. It Is A Personal Pledge(Which Taken Collectively Will Create Strong Vibrations) & We Are Making A Road Show Out Of It.

It’s In Our Hand -After All, Government Is For The People, BY THE PEOPLE & Of The People.

If The Change Must Be Brought,
Let It Start With ‘The Man In The Mirror’.


I Want To Know What As Per You Is The Culture Of India? 
Wearing Colourful Clothes...Diwali, Holi All The Festivity, Respect For Elders, Parents.......

As Per Me We Have Not Been Very Careful In Picking Our Culture- Poverty, Chaos, Population Boom, No Sense Of Hygiene, Illiteracy, Gender Based Customs & Treatment,  This Is Our Real Culture. Every Nation Has It's Vices But The Problems We Have Are Intrinsic & Rudimentary For Living A Normal Life. These Problems Are Etched, Almost Difficult To Be Razed. Pick Up Any Hollywood Movie The Real India For Them Is Dirty India.....Poor India.

We All Love India And We Will Always Do............After All Home Is The Best Place To Be!!! It Is The Sense Of Belonging That Makes Us Love It....Miss It When We Are Away.

Just Like We Miss Our Simple Home Even Being In The Lap Of Luxury Of  A 5 Star Hotel.

“The D’s Of India i.e. Democracy, Diversity & Decentralization Will Always Ensure That The Reforms & Development In Our Country Remains Lopsided And Be Implemented Kilometer By Kilometer & Not As A National Wave. We Are A Peaceful Country In Every Sense. 

I Cant Guess What Could Be The History Of World........But Wondering What Could Possibly Be History Of India If HITLER Was Born In The Land Of Snake Charmers & Elephants!!! Among Many Other Things That Made Him The Infamous 'HITLER' Which Includes Water Shy Nature Of The Jews.....He Believed a) Parliament( Collective Responsibility) Is An Institution Filled By Cowardice & Ignorance. b) Press/Trade
 Unions Are Nothing But Propoganda For Political Education Rather Than Focusing On Amelioration Of Society.c) Human Rights Are Above The RIghts Of The State & Politicians(Dubiour Talkers) Didnot Have The Clear Concept Of Importance Of The Social Problem. d) Introduction/Allowing Foreign Religion In Your Land Degenerates Your Nation.


Super Power? Heavy Dose, It Took Me Months & A Break From The Book Per Se To Finish It! All The GDP Spend Talk, The Highway Projects, Health, Education, Infrastructure Development………Phew!! In A Layman’s Language “The D’s Of India i.e. Democracy, Diversity & Decentralization Will Always Ensure That The Reforms & Development In Our Country Remains Lopsided. As Far As China Is Concerned, It Is Coercive & Is On A Hurried Mission. The Development Is At The Expense Of Its Own People Seemingly To Impress America & To Beat Down India. I Mean...... They Started This Hare & Tortoise Race. India By & Large Is A Country That Believes In Peace In Every Which Way!"

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