Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Life Gives SIGNS!!

Not All Desires Are Right!
Some Are Like Forbidden Fruit.
Somewhere Deep Down Your Burning Temptation You Know That It Is True.
For Such Things In Life, It Is Apt Not To Make Them Happen But Let Them Happen.
Cause Chasing Them Is Like Chasing A Chimera!
Even If You Get Hold Of This Desire, Life Will One Day Put You Back In Place With A Smirk, “See, I Told You”!

If You Put Your Life Under Microscope You Will Realize,
Life Gives SIGNS!!
The Entire Universe Conspires & Collaborates………….
Something Around… It Could Be A Stranger Or A Situation. It Could Be Anything. That Leads You To The Best Things In Your Life Or Signals You To Stop From The Worst That Could Occur!

Yes, Life Gives Signs,
We Must Only Learn To Understand Them, Believe Them & Pursue Them!

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