Monday, 5 March 2012


The Connotation Of ‘Maturity’ Signifies The Status Of A Person’s Mind; However In Our Everyday Life When It Comes To First Impressions & A Casual Acquaintance Maturity Is Gauged More So From The Person’s Appearance. As If Ripeness In Body Will Send It’s Ripples On The Mind Too. A Full-Grown (Not To Be Read As FAT) He/She Will Any Day Look More Influential & Invite More Respect.

So All You Men Out There Flaunt Your Tummies, Your Moustache, Your Grey Hair………..If Your Are Bald That’s Even Better.
And Women, Forget Size Zero, Put On SOME Flab, Beautify Yourself With A Saree If Not Do Drape A Dupatta, Don’t Let Your Hair Loose-Tie Them……& Last But Not Least Don’t Be A Woman-Don’t Giggle!

To Top Up The Above, Be Slow………Talk Slow, Walk Slow!
Every Action Small Or Big Must Be Preceded By Meditative Mulling.

All These Are Ostensibly Signs Of Prosperity & Endurance, A Life Rich In Experience.

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  1. Thats so true...appearances to connote maturity...are deceptive n plain wrong...just because someone tries to look mature on the exterior doesnt mean he/she is...sooner or later...the truth will be revealed...