Friday, 2 March 2012

The Thailand Experience.............

“She Put Her Left Leg On One Side & Right On The Other, Then She Smiled …………Just Like Monalisa. With A Twinkle In Her Blue-Green Eyes She Slowly Pushed Her Golden Locks That Were Barricading The Sight Of Her Beautiful Face, Letting Them Rest On Her Back. Frankly Speaking, She Looked Like  A Mermaid Captured From The Pattaya’s Sea. While Doing Her Sultry Moves She Leaned On My Side & I Couldn’t Help But Smell Her; She Smelled Like An Exotic Flower. She Continued Moving Her Hands Gracefully & Sometimes Arching Her Back, All This With A Dash Of Panache.

And I……………….I Giggled. I Behaved Like A Typical Indian Woman. Infact, I Giggled So Much That My Jaws Hurt. How Could I Do That? I Mean All Of Us Have Body………..But How Many Of Us Have That Kind Of OOOOMPH.
This Tall & Sleek Russian Beauty Was Dancing On The Silver Pole; With Her Loose …Long Golden Locks Wearing A Turquoise Dress & Sparkling Heels. I Said To Me, “This Babe Should Continue The Good Work. She Should Stick To This Job- Of Looking So Beautiful & Dancing Even More Gracefully. However, No One Should Touch Her.”
She Finished Her Dance On My Friend’s Lap.  Then She Approached Me (Me Still Giggling) To Experience Her Moves. I Frantically Denied, As If Some Pattayan Had Asked Me To Swallow A Fried Cockroach.  I Am Wondering What If I Had Said Yes To Her Offer. Of course I Would Have Continued Giggling. I Guess She Would Have Slapped Me. My Friend Still Taken Aback By Her Touch, Asked Me To Do The Least. Tip Her- You Know Where! With My Trembling Fingers I Reached Out To Her Or Maybe She Reached Out To Me. I Was In A Daze, I Don’t Remember. All I Remember Is I Managed To Touch Her ‘Touch Me Not Body’. I Felt Like My Touch Would Soil Her, Make Her Shrink Or Maybe Make Her Disappear Just Like A Mirage.
Her Touch Left Me Mesmerized As She Left To Bless The Fellow Customers.
And Now That I Am Back From Thai-Land & It’s Places Bang-kok & Pa-ttaya ( We Missed Phuk-et Thanks To  Inadequate & Brisk Planning)
I Regret Only One Thing, ‘ MY GIGGLING’
I Want To Go Back To The Walking Street,
I Want To Find Her,
I Want To Meet Her,
I Want To Tell Her, “Hey I Am Sorry”.
Sorry Is An Understatement, I Want To Apologize For My Disrespectful Behavior.

It Seems Like I Am Going In The Hangover Sequence, First Vegas Followed By Bangkok. I Was Introduced To This In Our Backyard Sin-City By One Of My Distributor Friend. I Was Told That This Place Is Cheap & Cheap With All It’s Value Added Services. I Was Intrigued As To Why The Reward For Good Work Was An All Expense-Paid Bangkok Trip. So Naïve I Was Not To Know The Significance Of Thailand.
To Me This Place Sounded More Like An Out Of The World Experience. A Place On Earth But Not On Earth. Leaving It Up To The Guest To Decide Whether It Is Heaven Or Hell.
The Cities In Thailand, They Never Sleeps, Some People Work In The Day & Many During The Night. As If Taking Turns To Keep The Tourist Entertained & Serviced All The Time. Bangkok Is A Place To Party. It’s More Or Less Like Mumbai- A Concrete Jungle, Pattaya …Per Se Is A Life Time Experience. Anybody & Everybody Would Be Left Flabbergasted This Way Or That Way For Sure. The Smell Of Sea Animals, Rice & Fish Is Ubiquitous. But There Is No Dearth Of Indian Restaurants Serving Authentic Indian Food Which Tastes Even Better On The Foreign Soil. I Hardly Registered Any ‘Thai Or Whatever’ Restaurants. Except Those On The Street Run By Hawkers. The Localities I Tell You They Eat All The Time. With The Right Amount Of Flesh That They Carry On Their Body It Seems They Religiously Follow The Multiple Meal Metabolism Sermons. & They Consume Lot Of Fruits, Perhaps Because There Are Hawkers Selling Hygienic Sliced Variety Of Fruits At Every Nook & Corner-It’s Ready Made .
The Person Crossing The Streets Here Is Like A Lion, When He Walks The Traffic Stops Without The Honking Fuss. God Forbid If We Tried Doing The Same In India Some ‘Mane’ Will Mow Us Down Is Few Minutes. More People Prefer Walking To Using Any Form Of Automobile Hence The Precedence (I Guess). If You’re A Girl And Planning  A Trip There( Inspired By My Pictures & Blog) Please Keep My Aforementioned Inference In Mind. The Difference Between A Girl Who Is That & A Girl Who Is Not That Lies In What Footwear She Is Wearing. The Former Wears High Heels…& The Latter Wears Slippers, Basically Something Flat. Otherwise Every Woman Is In Hot-Pants & Is Suspected ‘That’.
There Is One Interesting Observation I Made. Single Old Firangs- As In One Who Flew Alone-Without A Partner Or Friends To Accompany, With ‘Buddha Hoga Tera Baap Attitude.’ Each Was With An Escort Almost Of His Daughter’s Age. This Sad Sight Amused Me Actually – The Man With Grey Hair/Or No Hair, Sagging Flesh, Wrinkles All Over &  A Limping Leg Walking Hand In Hand With The Giggling Girl. Talking Merrily As If They Have Known Each Other For Years And Are Now Culminating There Companionship In Honeymoon.
It Was A Nasty Sight. And It Was Galore.
Two Unlikely People Together On A Deal-Date(A Pre-Paid Date), Walking On The Beach Holding Each Other’s Hand As If They Wouldn’t  Leave Each Other For Eternity.
Giving Me A Point To Ponder. In This Fast Paced, High Expectation World Where People Are Becoming More & More Self Centered If Not Selfish. Time Has Come When Care, Attention, Love, Pampering & Companionship Has To Be Bought. Its Short Lived Just Like Holding The Sand In Your Fist.
The Sea Of Pattaya Is Very Unlikely Of The City. It’s Not Naughty. It’s Like God’s Swimming Pool  With White Sand. And On This Beautiful, Spotless Beach Of Coral Island It Is Not That Hard To Spot Indian Men & Women. Barring Very Few, You Would See Our Men With Unshaven Chest, Brown In Colour Square Lux Underwear & Last But Not Least Someone Secretly Filming The Beautiful Blondes Tanning Topless On The Beach. Our Women In Heena & ‘Shaadi Ka Chooda’.  Obviously A Man Would Accompany His Wife To Pattaya/Bangkok Only On His Honeymoon, Otherwise No Chance. I Mean No One Carries Lunch Box To A Restaurant. And We, The Indian Women Clad Almost Completely Due To The Fear Of Our Culture & Getting Tanned. The Coral Island Apparently For All Practical Reasons Is A Beach Where Only Bikini Works & Befits. We Look Totally Out Of Place & Antique.

The Walking Street- Is Symbolic To Extreme Fun Or Someone May Find Ultimate Pleasure A More Appropriate Description. It’s A Guy-Thing. A Street Fraught With Men, Women And Those In-Between, The He-She’s. There Were Children Too. This Street Is Crazy & Abuzz Like No Other Place On The Face Of The Earth. Everyone Around, Happy & Gay, And Few Agape Like Me,
“What In The World? A Slideshow Of Fun Filled & Never Seen Before Homosapiens One After Other.”
Every Person Walking On The Street Or The Beach Looks Lost In His Own World, Oblivion To The Existence Of Things Around. He/She Appears To Be In Love With Himself/Herself, “ I Love Life; I Love Me.” I Don’t Know What Osmosis Happens On Thailand. I Am Not Too Sure Whether People Get Absorbed In This Fake Entertainment Or They Reveal/Become Their True Self. Whatever It Is! It Is Worth It; Irrespective Of Whether You Get Yourself Dirty Or Not.

It’s Commendable To Attract People From All Walks Of Life And Every Corner Of The World To This Tiny Spot On Globe. As You Leave This Place, Though You May Have Shrugged & Giggled Looking At Those Girls & Silently Felt Sorry For Them, But In The End You Are Left With A Sense Of Appreciation. Their Diligence, Spirit & Professionalism Is Second To None.
So Go Take A Break, The Pattaya Way!!


  1. The beauty of the place and the truth of life- tinged with sadness..where as u to be bought....your insights are remarkable n your writing exquisite

  2. Probably you were on an earned trip and and so did not have much of time to explore the Kingdom. Next time when you plan make sure you double the days to explore the most beautiful gulf line ( Koh Samui) Rave & Forest parties wherein people from across the globe chill out & trip on worlds best poisons while they listen to their fav music, enjoy corals at pattaya n Phuket where in you see multiple shades of crystal clear blue, adventure water sports especially scuba & deep sea diving which helps to find the purpose of oneself, best in class artistic nude shows which not takes courage but also moves you with the god gift they possess (am sure you enjoyed some : ) Thai massage is 1 Most rejuvenating piece

  3. Along with mediation is a must do from where all it started (hopefully you had it all), Street n Bargain mall shopping experience is just Wow! (undoubtedly you did a lot)

  4. Flawless n Transperant Chicks from Uzbek and poor parts of Russia/Europe do not only visit for money. In my 1st visit which was a bachelor kill I carried preconceived notions & so missed out too. It was when I read after return, I went for a 2nd trip.
    You as a writer is so very expressive...Keep writing. Laters...! :)

  5. Good Read, Makes me want to travel to Thailand!