Friday, 16 March 2012

Morning Walk In The Garden!

Morning Walk In The Garden!

People Who Don’t Walk In Open; Early In The Morning Are Missing The Nature In Its Best Form. The Air Is Fresh & You Can Very Much Feel The Oxygen Hitting Your Lungs.

                         I Now Walk In Ahmedabad’s Municipal Garden Located Right In front Of My Home Instead Of My Pune Apartment’s Club House. The Jogging Track Is Prepared With Red Soil & You Get To Walk Under The Canopy Of ‘Asopalav Trees.’ It Is Like Two Way Traffic On A One Way Road. With Wires Hanging From My Ears I Can Either See The Face Of The One’s Passing By, Or Check The Base Of One’s Ahead Of Me. Faces Are Fine, But The Behinds Are Apparently Very Interesting. Cute, Fat, Huge, Ugly, Constipated, Tired, Arrogant, Bulging, Is It There….Non-Existent? And The Faces-------Fresh, Enthused, ‘I Have To Reduce No Matter What’, ‘It’s So Early’, ‘Can I Go Back To Sleep’,’ Dead Eyes Open’  ‘I Don’t Know Why I Am Walking’ Types.

Among The Morning Rush I Found Only One Pretty Girl & One Hunk. The Beauty Was A Complete ‘Adidas/Nike’ Style Statement’ & The Hunk Was Jogging. I Got Inspired. People Who Take Pride In Walking Must Try Jogging. Go Run & Feel The Panting, The Coughing, The Spinning Of Head & The Vibrations In Your Body Long After You Are Done.  I Am Not Too Sure How Much Change Walk Brings To Your Body Mass Since The Exercise Is Almost Intangible. But With Jogging-You Feel The Instant Change- The Chemical Reaction In Your Body.

On The Track As I Try Hard To Race With Self & Try To Keep My Pace, I Get Slowed Down Or Abruptly Halted. Thanks To Gang Of Women Walking Or Should I Say Dragging Themselves Together. First Of All I Don’t Understand, How Can You Go For A Walk With A Company, It Is Such A Pensive Exercise. This Is The Time Of The Day When Your Mind Is Alert, Optimistic & Gay & Then You Hear These Women Discussing Creams, In-laws & Daily Soaps. So I Doubly Ensure I Carry My FM Phone.

But Listening To FM Radio In The Morning Is Also Quite Comical. Those Guys Sitting In The Studio I Say They Need To Be Educated. Early In The Morning To Enable The Listeners In Getting Ready For The Challenging Day Ahead They Play, “Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye”. This Is So Out Of Context. What Do They Expect Me To Do, Undo The Perky-Ness & Think About My Past & Pains. You Change The Channel & The Scenario Is No Different, Love Songs Of All Genre.

I Love You Song,
The Break-Up Song,
Love Side-Effect Song,
Love Is Bad Song,
What Is Love Song,
Love Love Love Song……………….

Someone Ought To Tell FM That They Need To Reckon This Fact, “ At-least In India The Mushy Scene Is Generally After The Dark & Not In The Early Hours. In The Morning We Need Chuk-De Songs”
As I Am Advising This To FM In My Mind……… The ‘Gam Song Is Over. I Am Back From My Painful Past. Thank God! Here Comes Another,

“ Noore Khuda, Tu Kahan Chupa Hai Hume Yeh Bataaa……………” (OK! I Love This Song So I Will Forgive Them)  But FM What Do You Want Me To Do……….. Stop & Meditate Or Do You Want Me To Stand In Silence To Pay Homage To The Song Writer & The Music Director For This Wonderful Composition.

30 Minutes Are Up! So Is My Patience………………….I Cant Take Chance With The Next Number! I Better Learn The Song Downloading On My BB. Any Teachers Please???

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